photo cred Cat Looking to stay warm but get out of the damn house? Well there are a couple interesting events happening in the city that are sure to be entertaining. Whole Life Expo November 22 to 24, $15 full admission Metro Toronto Convention Centre  Check out tons of different vendors, pickup those hard to find items (i.e. that big chunk of chaga in my hand) and grab some lunch. Planet In Focus Film Fest November 21 and 24, $15 for single viewing Bell TIFF Lightbox and AGO  Raising awareness (aka waking our asses up) through film, the festival is in its 14th year.  You're sure to have lots to talk about back at the office Monday, see you there.

photo cred Cat Lisa and I went to the Whole Life Expo last Friday night.  Totally fun and amazingly inspiring.  We ate gorge food, talked to some fab like-minded people and bought and saw some super cool things. A total standout was the local hemp hearts from Purity in Peterborough.  We can not praise hemp hearts enough and to have them grown locally is kinda rock 'n roll. Never mind kale being the new black, hemp hearts could possibly be the new kale.  Stuff doesn't need pesticides or crap to grow, brilliant source of protein (yes, 10% of our daily intake with only 3 tbsp), way too many omegas to even mention, helps a majority of your organs, your skin, your hair. Seriously guys, I'm starting to get bored of writing about all the added bonuses.  Not to mention, it's delish.  Add it to a smoothie, sprinkle it on a salad, blend it into your baby food or eat it au natural - who cares, just get it in ya.