Pantry We know the key to eating better is having easy access to good food (and green smoothies on the regular of course). But where to begin! Here is a starter list of ingredients any healthy whole food eater should have in their pantry. This makes it easy to whip up delicious meals with only having to pickup a few fresh ingredients. We suggest buying a few items at a time, real food is a bit more expensive but it lasts so don't fret. And it's always cheaper than eating out. Keep an eye on competition, health is hot right now and some retailers will try to cash in. Click here for cheap stuff west end, cheap stuff big box, cheap stuff online. And don't be overwhelmed, this is a lifestyle change, so replace what's in your cabinet with good stuff as you run out and in no time you'll be stocked. Oils Coconut Oil Olive Oil Avocado Oil Toasted Sesame Oil  Sugar and Spice Dates Unpasteurized Honey Stevia Coconut Sugar Mineral Salt Black and white pepper Garlic and onion powder Cinnamon Cayenne Organic, non-GMO Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce basically) Organic, non-GMO Miso (good cheesy alternative) Nutritional yeast (another cheesy alternative) Apple Cider Vinegar  Raw Cacao Maca Seeds, Nuts and Butters  Hemp Hearts Chia Flax Pumpkin Seeds Almonds (or almond butter) Walnuts Tahini (sesame butter) Cacao butter Grains and Legumes Long Grain Brown Rice Quinoa Adzuki Beans Lentils Mung Beans 

Before and after raw food This is Morgan. THE GOODS is obsessed with Morgan. The picture on the left is Morgs December 2012 and on the right... well that's last week. She's smokin' hot eh. Morgan fought her weight most of her life, when she met her I-love-pastries-and-can-eat-everything-fiance things got worse. Her breaking point came early this year and she made the choice to clean it up. Soon after she joined THE GOODS team and started eating more raw, plant-based, clean foods and green drinks daily. Approaching this lifestyle transition in such a healthful way helped her ditch 85 lbs AND look fantastic doing it. Her advice for all of us is to eliminate refined foods (sugar/flour especially), even for a week, and your palate will find pleasure in the sweetness of real foods. This month Morgan and I are going to do a 5 day cleanse eating only THE GOODS and juicing. So great! Morgan I am in awe, your total commitment to everything you do is beyond admirable. I'm so grateful to see you almost every day, what would I have done without you lady! You blitz with the best of them.

Photo cred Cat First of all, I'm currently in the ever-beautiful Vancouver city visiting my brother Simmah & Ron and my BF Michaela & family. Second of all, it hasn't rained in 4 days. That kind of combination is another level yo. So for all of you vacationers, you know that it can be challenging to eat well.  But this is simply not so here.  Vancouver really is ahead of the game. It seems like every corner shop is pro-organic or pro-local with a wide array of gorgeous healthy food.  And here are a few stand outs: Whole Foods: the salad bar is to die for and....wait for's not expensive (at least the salad bar isn't). The dressings are all homemade, the produce is organic and the eggs are free-range. Whaaaaaat. Little Nest (on Commercial Dr.): A kid's restaurant with play area. All local & organic. Forget playland at McDicks, this place pleases both the hip parent and their hip kids. It doesn't hurt that both my brother & Michaela are like-minded on the food side of things, so they've been introducing me to some fab places and although these are only 2 places amongst hundreds, when you combine good eats with the rare sunny November weather these particular two have made the top of my list.

photo cred Cat It seems that I have an avocado obsession of late. Throughout my journey to rid my daily life of processed food and focus on what really counts - beautiful whole foods, I've realized that I can eat avocados guilt-free. The avocado is beautiful. Even visually, it's gorgeous. Dark and pebbled on the outside and perfectly green and smooth on the inside. They are packed with nutrients, phytochemicals, monounsaturated fat, more potassium than a banana and contain a wide array of essential vitamins (B's, E, & K). And let's not forget the taste. Personally, I could eat one everyday. Oh yeah, I do. So when Ron introduced me to his "GuacaSalsaMole" dish, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Over the 2 weeks that he and Simmah were visiting, the dish was made constantly. Here's what you need: 6 avocados, diced 8 – 10 Roma tomatoes 1 bunch of cilantro, finely chopped 2 fresh limes - juiced ½ large red onion chopped 2 tbsp freshly ground cumin 1 tbsp freshly ground pepper 1 tbsp Himalayan sea salt, or enough to season to your taste The avocados and tomatoes are roughly chopped (big-ish chunks) and the whole shabang goes into a bowl. Don’t think “precision” when making this dish. Think “chop ‘em up and chuck ‘em into a bowl”. (thanks Simmah) Do yourself a favour, make this for friends, family or just yourself and enjoy the perfection of The Avocado.