It's winter. With the season comes a shift in our eating habits. When it's hot and humid lighter, cooling foods are satisfying. Examples of cooling foods are cucumber, watermelon, mint, artichoke, lettuce. As winter rolls in a light summer salad leaves you feeling cold and hungry. That's where warming or grounding foods come into play, foods like nuts, grains and legumes make you feel content and warm. Spices are also handy, ginger, cayenne and turmeric are very healthful and balancing warm foods. Here's the recipe for my current smoothie obsession, it's a bit.... eclectic, so be warned. Warm Up  1 cup wild blueberries 1 handful spinach 1/4+ tsp turmeric powder 1/8" ginger OR 1 tsp grated 1/2 cup nut milk 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp coconut oil 3 tbsp lemon juice dash of mineral salt  Blend well and check your teeth before leaving the house.