20131018-085102.jpg I LOVE my Vitamix, it's blended over 4000 Ls and runs like a dream. But I like to spread the love, so when it was time to buy a new blender for home I decided to give the Blendtec a spin. I must say, I'm really happy with it. The Goods - Way smaller - actually fits on the counter, under the cabinets Easy to clean - square canister doesn't have any nooks or crannies Cheaper - almost $100 cheaper than the competition Superficial - really good looking The Bads - Less control - blend speed and functions are digital, there are no dials (I like dials) Messy - the liquid really splashes up the insides and on the lid Anyone looking to buy a real blender for their personal use, Blendtec is where it's at. The finished product is smooth, the timer function allows you to do other things while it's blending and the price savings can't be beat. If you want a Vitamix I don't blame you, I'm not a total convert, I just think the Blendtec is a great option for those of us on a budget. Ps. What's in the blender? Spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple, pear and water. Fricken' delicious.

20130927-110040.jpg I've been moping around the apartment, my Vitamix is on loan so no morning Insteada for me, which I usually make with a scoop of Sunwarrior. When a tweet comes in from Alicia thinking I might like to check out this blender hack. Are you kidding me! I keep my Nan's 1960's Oster on the top shelf (mf) because it's beautiful, the motor runs like a dream, though the canister blade combo doesn't. My Mom made all my baby food (read 70's version of smoothies) in this sexy thing, so I've got a lot of heart for its shiny chrome finish. Anyway, I unscrewed the base from the original canister, replaced it with a narrow mouth mason, filled it with my magic potion and I'm happily typing and sipping on my protein packed power drink right now. Thanks you Alicia! Best share of the year! And great blog post topic on the fly.

No big surprise, Barbie got reunited with Ken 2 weeks ago in our household (Thanks Simmah for making that happen). But a couple of things just didn't add up. First of all, what's wrong with Ken's hair? He looks more like "Something about Mary". More alarming than that was what he came with. A box of chocolates. Are you kidding me? Chocolates? Not even raw cacao? Do you even know Barbie? Look at her, she's a mermaid, an astronaut, owns her own horse, dog, house, car, high-speed blender (probably a Vitamix) for smoothies, she recycles, does all her own cleaning and the list goes on. And you're bringing chocolates to the table? Why don't you get her a dehydrator or a water filter and then maybe you'll get a second date guy.

Photo Cred Lisa If you're curious about experimenting with a gluten-free diet, and I highly recommend everyone give it the 7 day challenge, quinoa flour is a fun place to start. It's easy to make and can be substituted equally for white flour. Good option. Vitamix Quinoa Flour  2 cups quinoa Sauce pan High speed blender Toast quinoa on stove top until lightly browned, you will hear it pop. Allow to cool before placing grains in blender, make sure the canister is completely dry. If you have the Vitamix "dry" canister for making flour now is the time to use it though it's not a must. Blend until completely ground. Very easy, snowy weekend project.

photo cred Cat Off to the Vancouver aquarium we went yesterday.  I haven't been there in yonks.  What a great place. So fascinating and so beautiful.  But the only problem with outings like that is that you're forced to eat their hugely expensive food or bring your own.  The bring your own option was just too hard to organise yesterday. Hey, it happens. So as I was packing up the kids and the car I starting thinking smoothie. I haven't really been able to enjoy my usual daily drink because, Simmah doesn't have a Vitamix and, quite frankly I'm spoiled with my set-up at home. But if I make a huge smoothie and keep the ingredients simple, then Simmah's blender will do the job. AND...I get my smoothie, I save some money and everyone's happy. The VanAqua Special 4 cups filtered water 3/4 bunch organic spinach 2 bananas Blend water and spinach then add 1 banana at a time (if using a conventional blender). Yields 1.5 liters Bottoms up!