What an amazing class we had this past Sunday.  Thank you all for coming.  We had a really eclectic group.  From cool teenagers, amazing Moms, a YouTube phenom, a genius comic, an alt-rock superstar, and a fab, just moved here from Vancouver, fireball (cue theme song from Breakfast Club) - the one thing they had in common, they wanted to shake things up.  For some people it was about radical change and new ideas, for others, perhaps more inspiration and the ability to talk to like-minded people. Either way the message was received.  You're pretty important so looks after yourself. Try a green smoothie a day or simply stay away from processed food, any change regardless of size is good. Who cares what you were doing before this point, no one is judging. Make that fresh start today.  Go on, you know you wanna and we're here to help.

photo cred Cat Well hello there 2013.  Very nice to meet you, I'm sure. What's that? The Goods are offering their way-cooler-than-cool "Everyday-Go-To-Foods" course?  Is it possible? Have all your dreams come true? Could this be the best way to make your new year's resolutions come to fruition? Do you need to start focusing on your nutrition? Can we provide you the solution? Shall I stop rhyming every sentence? Yup, probably best. So sign up already and join the millions* that have experienced our life-changing** course. The time commitment is 2.5 hours and you'll be fed, you'll learn some incredibly cool things, you'll meet some like minded people, and you'll walk away knowing that you've done the hardest part - the commitment to make YOUR life better. We're offering the course twice this month: East end (Leslie & Lakeshore) on Sunday, Jan 13 @ 11am - 1:30pm West end (Roncesvale) on Sunday, Jan 27 @ 11am - 1:30pm Cost: $62 (includes lunch) C'mon, you know you wanna. Drop us a line and register today. * Numbers slightly exaggerated ** We've had nothing but great feedback

Photo cred Cat Wow, yet another fab course on Saturday. We had a beautiful group that came from far and wide.  The joy for Lisa and me is that every course is slightly different.  That's not because the subject matter is different rather that each course has a new group of peeps.  It offers a different vibes, different chemistry, different flow, but magical in it's uniqueness.  Saturday's sessions delved into supplements and add ons, which was fascinating (Lisa, is there any end to your coolness?) And what's even better? A couple attendees contacted us and shared their excitement of making/consuming their smoothie the following day.  I mean, c'mon, what a privilege it is to be part of their journey.  We are so honoured. So thank you Sandy, Margaret, Alex and Nikki for taking that first step.  Thanks for taking the time to come and more importantly thanks for doing this for yourself.  You deserve it. Remember everyone, we're just an email away and always happy to share insights and hear your personal victories. Who knows, maybe your story or question will inspire others.

photo cred Cat Lisa and I are very grateful for multiple reasons.  Besides the privilege of being surrounded by amazing, soul restoring friends and family we also get to do what we do best.  Spread "THE GOODS" word. We had such a blast yesterday sharing the knowledge to an great group of peeps. Wisdom was imparted, questions were posed & answered, and great food was made & consumed. And as a bonus, new friendships were made. A total success all in all. So thank you Amy, Noelle, Lisa, Tracy, Scott and Sonya.  You all kinda rocked our world and we're excited for you and for what's to come. And extra big thanks goes out to Teresa for always being a supportive friend and quite a looker if I might add... click here. For all of you future GOODS course takers, fear not as we have loads of courses coming up.  Don't suffer from the FOMO's another day, go to the "classes" tab and register today. Werd.