Photo Cred Lisa If you're curious about experimenting with a gluten-free diet, and I highly recommend everyone give it the 7 day challenge, quinoa flour is a fun place to start. It's easy to make and can be substituted equally for white flour. Good option. Vitamix Quinoa Flour  2 cups quinoa Sauce pan High speed blender Toast quinoa on stove top until lightly browned, you will hear it pop. Allow to cool before placing grains in blender, make sure the canister is completely dry. If you have the Vitamix "dry" canister for making flour now is the time to use it though it's not a must. Blend until completely ground. Very easy, snowy weekend project.

Merrrrry Christmas - Grande Jean & LL For all you last minute shoppers out there, the guilt of not knowing what to get a loved one can result in expensive presents. Here are a few big ticket ideas for fantastic, health conscious gifts to kick off new year resolutions and healthier lifestyle changes. Spiralizer Fantastic for making zucchini, squash and cucumber noodles, fun for the kids too -  Spirooli Dehydrator Who doesn't want a dehydrator! The healthiest way to preserve living foods and make some super delicious snacks and sweets - Excalibur Water Filter Clean water is important and surprisingly hard to find, unless you have a water filtration system installed, or add this beautiful baby to your collection of gagets - Big Berkey Blender A high-speed blender changes lives... I'm not kidding. They are pricy, but have a look and decide which suits your needs, both will pulverize kale like a dream - Vitamix or HealthMaster Happy last minute shopping!