My friend Lolly has gorgeous long, thick, shiny, really curly hair. This is the complete opposite description of my hair... so I was insta sold when told me she's been using Argan Oil on her roots and ends. I tried Argan on my hair, and it's been okay but the quick results showed on my face. After applying a small amount it to the areas around my eyes and my forehead where I tend to breakout the most and have fine lines the overall appearance has been noticeably smooth and supple. Yay! Argan Oil is worth reading about, it's trending in the beauty world and in combination with it being a difficult to extract oil, made by "co-operatives of women in Morocco" I was a bit leery. There are so many opportunities for marketers to exploit all involved, so do your research and don't be lured by advertising, packaging or high price point. I use Argan Oil by Enfleurage Organics. Their website is informative, and the product meets the basic requirements for good quality Argan: dark bottle, right price, small quantity, light smell, single ingredient, absorbs quickly into the skin. The owner is very knowledgeable and stands behind her product. Enfleurage has a booth at Sorauren Market on Mondays and their products are also sold at Whole Foods.

Photo Cred Lisa Who knew! You can sprout organic popping corn, I mean it makes sense it just didn't occur to me until I saw these guys at Sorauren Farmer's Market on Monday evening. The Kind Organics booth had a wide variety of sprouts and greens as usual but these little fellas caught my attention. Now I'm not even sure that I like them, they're a touch weird, they start off bland and a bit grassy and then your mouth fills with that sweet taste you only know if you've had wheatgrass juice or too much stevia. They are really cool looking, just almost too sweet if you can imagine. I'm going to toss them in the dehydrator and see if I can make a smoothie sweetener out of the dried powder. If it works you'll hear from me and if not... let's just pretend this post never happened.