photo cred Cat Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was outstanding but did involved a flurry of activity. Between gymnastics for the eldest, putting away outdoor furniture, dinner at Pow's (which by the by was the best dinner I've had in AGES...thanks again Lady), grocery shopping and gardening, I also managed to find time to catch up with an old friend/honorary little sister from O-Town (represent yo). My dear friend Amanda was in town for a wedding and had 2 hours to spare before hopping back on a plane home. Were we going to meet for breakie or coffee? No, I had a better idea.  Come 'on over to mine and I'll make you a green smoothie.  And what transpired following her arrival was nothing short of pure magic.  The smoothie concoction was so gorge, I just had to share it with you.  So here it is: The O-Town Special 2 cups filtered water half head of org. green lettuce 1 org. pear 1.5 tbsp of local hemp hearts 1 small handful of raw walnuts Blend well and drink up.  So simple but sooooo good.

Photo cred Cat I woke up this morning and had my blog entry all written in my mind.  Simmah had inspired me to write about the magic of grinding your own herbs (an entry I will write this week) but I was totally distracted by an equally inspiring text message from Lisa.  It said: "How was your smoothie?" Now to give you a little context, I've been feeling rather exhausted, lazy and uninspired as of late. So what was the first thing to go?  Answer: My daily smoothie.  Admittedly, the worst thing to go as it's my essential fuel for the day. There I was, last night, lamenting about my general malaise to Lisa and she verbally kicked my ass into gear and told me to make a damn smoothie already. That brings us to this morning. I did just that - I made my smoothie and I'm buzzing - quite literally.  My point is you need friends/family that understand and support you.  Not everyone does understand my want to eat cleaner but Lisa does and she's always there with words of encouragement when I need them.  Thanks Lisa - I love you Biz. So if you don't have like-minded friends and family shoot us an email and we, THE GOODS will be there for you.

I'm loving all the positive feedback on your smoothie experiences. It makes me over-the-moon happy to hear so many people are feeling the magic of a green smoothie and have naturally integrated them into their daily routines. It's important to keep listening to your body, if you find your smoothies aren't going down as easily it may mean you need to switch things up. Try less fruit, different combinations or juicing. Once you've swept the digestive track with all that fiber your body might be asking for a break and a few days of green juice could be the answer. Variety is everything. Basic Green Juice Servers 2 to 3 1 cucumber 1 head of celery 4 handfuls of spinach OR 1/2 bunch of kale OR other dark leafy green 1 apple 1/2 lemon, juiced 1/4" fresh ginger If you don't have a juicer, blend ingredients then pour through a nut milk bag or nylon stocking (fine in a pinch) to separate the pulp. Juice usually keeps about 12-24 hours in an airtight glass bottle, refrigerated of course. Feel free to play around with combinations, yams and sweet potatoes are yummy juiced as are beets. Drinking fresh green juice means loads of vitamins and minerals with none of the stress on your digestive track and it's sooo very good for you. Give it a try... you'll probably love it!

Here's a fun backyard, balcony or window sill project! These cut-and-come-again greens, grow easily from seed with some sunshine and water. Once they're about 5" to 6", trim them back to make salads or smoothies and they will grow all over again. Fun right! I picked up a packet of organic Asian Mixed Green seeds from Sweet Peas on Roncesvalles for a few bucks. You don't get more local, organic or fresh than this! Mixed Greens Smoothie 2 handfulls or mixed greens 2 Ontario peaches, pitted 1 handful of raw almonds 1/2 organic cucumber 2 cups water Blend well, add more water or ice if needed!