[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX8tkJ1AN44&feature=youtu.be] This is a sliiiightly long video of Josh Rachlis and me making smoothies. Josh is AWESOME, he looks so much like Daniel Craig it's distracting and the guy is good at everything! Acting, writing, voiceovers, standup comedy, being a good guy, he's even dabbled in politics. Insane. Anyway he's ready to take his game to the next level and green smoothies are going to get him there. Just you wait and see. Thanks Josh! The Goods loves you, keep us posted.

photo cred Cat Spinach may be scarce these days but beets ain't.  And you know I love me a beet or two (or five or six).  Personally, beets have always been a bit tricky in the smoothie department.  I don't know how Lisa manages to make her Red-Green smoothies taste so damn good but clearly I have not mastered the fine art yet, or have I?????? Enter the cooked beet. I had a few leftover from the day before so chucked them in. Wow, amazing beety goodness. So unless you have Lisa making your smoothies everyday, try this as an alternative. The Beet Beat Smoothie 4 cups filtered water 2 lg handful of org. mixed greens 1 -2 cooked org. beets 1 org. apple 1 org. banana 1/2 org. zucchini 2 tbsp hemp hearts Blend until smooth - Yields 1.5 liters. And don't forget to save some in a bowl for the babies (just add some organic baby cereal to it).

What an amazing class we had this past Sunday.  Thank you all for coming.  We had a really eclectic group.  From cool teenagers, amazing Moms, a YouTube phenom, a genius comic, an alt-rock superstar, and a fab, just moved here from Vancouver, fireball (cue theme song from Breakfast Club) - the one thing they had in common, they wanted to shake things up.  For some people it was about radical change and new ideas, for others, perhaps more inspiration and the ability to talk to like-minded people. Either way the message was received.  You're pretty important so looks after yourself. Try a green smoothie a day or simply stay away from processed food, any change regardless of size is good. Who cares what you were doing before this point, no one is judging. Make that fresh start today.  Go on, you know you wanna and we're here to help.

Free Spirit Here at THE GOODS we love checkin' in with ourselves. Your body is talking to you all the time, telling you what it needs and doesn't need, but are you listening... A great way to open lines of communication is by adding and removing foods from your diet. This gives the body some time to adjust, and you can get a feel for how you're actually processing certain foods. Typically we suggest a green smoothie a day for 7 days, but if you've already been there loved that then it's time to try eliminating something for 7 days. Suggestions of foods to eliminate one at a time are gluten, dairy, sugar, meat or anything you think you might been consuming unnecessarily or in excess. You often notice the biggest affects when you reintroduce that item so watch closely. One of my favourite mommy friends just removed gluten from her diet for a week and her darling 6 month old daughter's eczema cleared up substantially. Pretty crazy eh! We're here if you have questions about the 7 day challenge, we love your emails!

photo cred Cat Here are the facts of life.  Not all smoothies were created equal. The pretty fruit smoothies are well, just that, pretty but have waaaaay too much sugar.  The yogurt & fruit smoothies are really milkshakes pretending to be smoothies so that's a non-issue. So that leaves us the green smoothie. Now green smoothies are smoothies that have predominantly leafy greens as their main ingredient. They don't actually have to look green though, after blending. If you add items like rainbow chard or beet greens, the smoothie loses that rich green colour. Sometimes the end colour looks more like mud than grass (ref: picture above). But what they lack in colour they totally make up for in magic. If you are all about the end colour, there are ways of cheating.  My fav cheat is a 3/4 cup of blueberries.  They are low on the glycemic index, that amount actually only counts for half a fruit serving and they are so amazing for you. If you need more, add more, they're blueberries after all.