20130927-110040.jpg I've been moping around the apartment, my Vitamix is on loan so no morning Insteada for me, which I usually make with a scoop of Sunwarrior. When a tweet comes in from Alicia thinking I might like to check out this blender hack. Are you kidding me! I keep my Nan's 1960's Oster on the top shelf (mf) because it's beautiful, the motor runs like a dream, though the canister blade combo doesn't. My Mom made all my baby food (read 70's version of smoothies) in this sexy thing, so I've got a lot of heart for its shiny chrome finish. Anyway, I unscrewed the base from the original canister, replaced it with a narrow mouth mason, filled it with my magic potion and I'm happily typing and sipping on my protein packed power drink right now. Thanks you Alicia! Best share of the year! And great blog post topic on the fly.

An item we haven't discussed on the blog in a while is green smoothies. What is up with those things and why is everyone talking about them... yess I'm pushing the Jennifer Aniston link on you again, click here. We're talking about them because they are awesome.  In laymen terms - smoothies are "good stuff, concentrated". I know so many people, it makes my heart sing, who have started drinking one a day and are feeling great in all kinds of ways. It's really pretty cool how eating your veggies can make you feel better. And when in blended form you're increasing the "good stuff, concentrated" absorption rate threefold. Try one a day for 7 days and tell me it didn't feel good! I'm serious. Try it. Elle Elle Go To  2 leaves of organic kale handful of spinach 1 apple (fuji is nice and sweet) 1/2 lemon, peeled 2 cups water 1 tbsp hemp hearts  Blend until smooth! Buy organic. Find more of our smoothie posts here.

photo cred Cat Oh yes, you are actually seeing this.  Barbi is making smoothies. A) Thank you Simmah for finding these "accessories" and mailing them too us. B) I now understand why Barbi looks so youthful at 54 years old. Imagine what she'd look like if she added some greens? C) Omg - BARBI IS MAKING SMOOTHIES!!!! D) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. E) From this point on, I shall refer to my Vitamix blender as my accessory and vow to make all future smoothies in 5-inch heels and a Paris-inspired tank top and pencil skirt.* * This will never happen.

photo cred Cat Here's what happened. Lisa came over for lunch last Friday. We ate, laughed, plotted and schemed. No nothing out of the ordinary really. After lunch, which consisted of my fav spiralized zucchini with homemade pesto, organic peas and corn, I decided to make dessert.  Enter the strawberry-banana smoothie.  This one was a slight variation of the classic Cinnamon Banana Shake but with a few strawberries added and almonds instead of hazelnuts. Then I started thinking about the versatility of smoothies. They can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert. Smoothies rock, no matter how you look at it.  Forget the pie and ice cream, serve your guests, of all ages, a lovely, healthy and outrageously delicious fruit smoothie instead.  Be an innovator not a laggard.

Black Rabbit There's a new place on Bloor West you must check out, Black Rabbit has freshly made juices and smoothies, a variety of food options to suit all dietary requirements, wifi and lots of space... meaning mum's with strollers this is your spot. The atmosphere is comfy, staff friendly and I'm always smitten if I don't have to make my own smoothie. Thanks to our new friend Jill for leading me to this place, here is a proper review from Toronto Life.