Chlorella Tabs Sea veggies are the other green food. I've been feeling rundown and could use a good old juice fast but in the meantime I've been trying out a new supplement. Well chlorella is not new, I just haven't gotten around to giving it a proper go. It's interesting as it is so super tiny that it gets right into your nooks and crannies and bonds to heavy metals, toxins and chemicals. What's cool though is how chlorella seems to know the difference between good minerals and bad chemicals. It doesn't touch the stuff your body needs like zinc, copper, calcium, etc. Smarty pants seaweed. Easiest thing to do is go to your local health food store and buy the pressed tablets, make sure it's pure chlorella, no need for fillers. I take mine in the morning and before bed with my green smoothie. Just kinda my thing, so do what feels right to you.

photo cred Cat I recently spent 4 glorious days in Soho (NYC) as an incredible birthday surprise from Kods.  Not only was it beyond expectation, we naturally sought out good-for-you food rather than filling our bellies with crap.  This is now the second time this summer I have managed to go away and not put on the usual 5-8lbs.  In fact, I lost 1 lbs yet still managed to eat a ton (of course walking everywhere, I'm sure, helped too)  Some of the stand-outs for me were: 1. Organic Avenue - Had a fantastic raw oatmeal (which I promise to recreate and share the recipe) and a super green juice (maybe too green for my liking but it sure gave me the fuel to walk 8 hours that day). 2. Local - Sampled their fair-trade tea and muffins in the morning.  Had a great convo with the owner and he had petitioned the neighbourhood to take over 1 parking spot outside his restaurant so that he could convert it to a beautiful outside sitting area open to the public. Amaze-balls. 3. Souen - Had a gorgeous lemon pesto covered salmon with seaweed and steamed greens. Outstanding price for the amount of food. If ever in Soho - do yourself a solid and try them out.