Photo Cred Lisa Every second person seems to be sick, it's just that time of year. And if you're skipping your greens, working too hard and partying a bit too much you're probably going to catch the cold... not that I'm willing ill on any of you, I'm just saying. Forget the boxed cold remedies and get on this granny concoction. Hot Cold Tea  1/8" fresh ginger, shaved 1/2 lemon, squeezed 1 tbsp unpasteurized honey 1 cup water, boiled Pour hot water over thinly sliced ginger, add lemon juice and honey. Stir well, cozy up on the couch with a blanket, two schnauzers and enjoy. Ginger is a warming food which makes it perfect for this weather and it helps clear congestion in the nose and throat, lemon is high in vitamin C and honey is soothing for sore throats plus it supports the immune system. This is a quick summary of three pretty fantastic foods that all want to be part of your regular diet. Feel better soon! Thanks to my Grande Jean for coming up with this topic on the fly.

Photo Creds to Lisa I've been using tea tree oil like a mad woman since it saved me from infection after bailing a scooter and almost running a stake through my head... a story for another day. Anyway it's awesome, perfect for blemishes, cuts and scrapes. BUT, big big but, it is VERY TOXIC to ANIMALS in amounts as little as 6 drops of pure tea tree oil the animal can lose muscle control, become lethargic, have muscle tremors all of which can progress to liver failure or worse death. I learned this the hard way, fortunately for me my little guy is okay, he had a large scrape on his side with a possible infection brewing so I thought tea tree oil would do the trick. Promptly after applying, that little voice in my head started nagging to check online. AND it is not safe for pets! Thankfully I'm in the habit of listening to that little voice, I promptly called the SPCA Poison Control hotline 1-800-548-2423, there is a $65 charge but their help proved to be invaluable. After confirming it indeed was very dangerous their advice was to bathe him with dish soap to get the oil off his coat and to stop it from absorbing into his system. I was instructed to keep a close eye on him for 24 hours for signs of any of the above symptoms. It was a terrifying morning, but he's a real trouper and pulled though. God love that schnauzer. Phew.