20130510-155857.jpg Wow what a week, one of the ugliest in a while. Not typically my style to let a tough week get to me but sometimes it just does right! Anyway lots of good stuff too as always, including my lovely afternoon with Asil. We headed to the Junction and stumbled into Cool Hand of a Girl, having done zero research I wasn't hopeful there would be anything for me to eat. So after a long-winded request for something without eggs, dairy, meat or gluten the woman stopped me and described the most amazing avocado sandwich which she could make with gluten free bread, toasted almonds in place of cheese and a vegan lentil soup on the side. I am not kidding I think I heard angels sing. If you've seen Asil and me together you can imagine our over the top exuberance did not wind down for a good 30 minutes. The owners are beyond lovely as is the atmosphere and the food. Check them out!

Ursa Root Vegetable Salad I must post about THE MOST AMAZING dinning experience I've had in Toronto. It was at Ursa a few weeks back, I'm telling you this place is for everyone: vegan, veggies, raw foodies, carnivores, celiacs, locavores, teetotallers, you name it. And not the kind of place that just pulls the bread from your bruschetta and calls it gluten-free, oh you know who you are Dundas and Palmerston... Ursa is a real food experience, it's clear the kitchen thinks about the whole picture; presentation, taste, experience, love and nourishment. Their delicious root vegetable salad came with a side of sprouts still growing in soil to be trimmed at the table... the epitome of living food. The housemade silken tofu amazing! And, as a non-drinker I was able, for the first time, to sample housemade drinks. In this case they were delicious kombuchas and vinegar shrubs and the bartender (Robin Goodfellow) was SO into his art it made it all the more exciting. Really all the staff seemed eager to describe and discuss the food and their process. I could go on, but I'll keep it proper blog short, plus I don't have the words to do the place justice. Just check it out.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjLiFtBUpEc] Love this woman and her hot pink pants. This is Annette Larkins, she grows and makes all her own food, juices and eats only raw vegan. Would you look at her! What's that expression... you are what you eat... An inspiration for sticking to it, and she's only been doing it for 27 of her 70 years, that means many of you are way ahead of the game. Oh the potential!

Black Rabbit There's a new place on Bloor West you must check out, Black Rabbit has freshly made juices and smoothies, a variety of food options to suit all dietary requirements, wifi and lots of space... meaning mum's with strollers this is your spot. The atmosphere is comfy, staff friendly and I'm always smitten if I don't have to make my own smoothie. Thanks to our new friend Jill for leading me to this place, here is a proper review from Toronto Life.

Red Salad Another great Everyday Go-To class this weekend, such a wonderful group of ladies and one awesome guy. Cat and I are so appreciative of the enthusiasm and their eagerness to live better, it's great to be part of it. Big thanks to MyYen for just being so fantastic, letting us use her space for an East End session was perfect! We have another class scheduled for Sunday, the 27th of January in the West End. You'll learn tons about real food, taste some delicious, easy and super healthy recipes and you'll leave with a full tummy and boost of excitement to eat more real food!