We got a space. We're going bananas, we're soooo excited. Aiming to open for takeout and pre-order pickup very early 2014, we'll be found at 1255 Dundas West at Dovercourt, South side. Our current delivery service will continue as usual. There is now a kilometre long to-do list, so we're going to take a blogging break. But will be posting lots of photos of THE GOODS' progress at 1255. It's sure to be an adventure. Much more information to come, we thank every gosh-darn one of you for being enthusiastic, encouraging and wonderful. Like us, follow us Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @thegoodsisgood

RW Mitts THE GOODS is a group effort, every one of our followers, lunch goodies, students, friends and family members have been part of our creation. We get emails, stopped on the street, phone calls, text messages, tweets, Instagramed and Facebooked. We love it and we love you. Today we are especially excited, we have a new goodie joining our daily team. Raina Kirn is a long time friend of both Cat and mine. She has incredible style and a passion for real food. Come on, she's a West coaster, it's in her blood. Raina's first order of business is to bring the Nori Bowl to lunch delivery. This salad is made with crunchy napa cabbage and spinach, peppers, cucumber and organic edamame. Topped with a sprinkling of black sesame and shredded nori. Mix it all up with a creamy ginger-miso dressing and a side of rice. It is delicious! More exciting updates to come from THE GOODS... maybe we can even convince Raina to do a food photo blog or two...

20130726-081105.jpg On the tail of my post early this week about dinning out with regulars I stopped by The Bickford Flexitarian for lunch. What a brilliant concept! Seriously delicious, simple foods, with something for everyone. I had the raw, walnut tacos with a side of quinoa salad and my friend, who I've actually been lunching with for 29 years, had the fried egg sandwich and the roasted cauliflower side. Both were so yummy and filling. The space is sunny and comfortable, the staff all friendly and very knowledgeable about their food. They offered up details about using only Himalayan salt and even let me read the packaging for their chai teas. Just a great experience and a perfect spot for brunch, lunch or a snack and a chat.

Case of Limes The sun is shinning, it's Friday and I'm in a damn good mood. So I'm going to share with you the most delicious smoothie recipe from delivery yesterday, it took me a couple rounds but man this might be my smoothie for the summer. Incognito Mojito* makes 2Ls Baby bok choy, three heads 2 sprigs fresh mint 2 limes, juiced 2-1/2 apples 2 cups water 12 ice cubes Blend smooth and enjoy! Cat and I are losing our minds over this one *this smoothie was declared the "Incognito Mojito" by a very exuberant and newly converted smoothie addict... who also happens to be my roomie and bestie.  

20130522-142355.jpg For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating THE GOODS or more importantly getting your morning chuckle from Cat's email that goes out with our lunches, I have to share this with you. She is such a gem, I'm pretty damn blessed to call her friend, family and business partner. And her emails just make my day. Amen!
The lovely Carrot Top Smoothie has blended dino kale, carrots, apple and ginger. That ginger is BFF with your digestive system so drink it up quickly so they can be together.The NEW & IMPROVED Bali Bowl features kelp and zucchini noodles, topped with home-grown mung bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, peppers and snow peas. Mix it all up with our sweet Thai Chili Kaffir Lime dressing and a side of long-grain brown rice. Tidy. Ok, so I feel it is my duty to inform the public about the inhuman treatment of baby carrots. They are forced to grow in tight clusters to keep that "cute small" factor. They're taken from their home at an early age and then shoved into bags with only tiny holes to breath from. I'm shocked and appalled and plan to march on their behalf tonight at midnight...who's in? Anyone? But on the bright side, we at The Goods only use adult organic carrots, mostly ex-cons, if you want me to be perfectly honest. They have happily volunteered themselves to your food today as a kind gesture to make up for all the bad they probably did in their troubled youth. Have I taken this a bit too far? Probably. Have a great day.
Enjoy the goodness,
Cat + LL