Photo Cred Cat Let's take a salad, smoothie break and make some pasta for dinner. This recipe is so delicious and easy it's a bit of a joke. Veggie Noodles 2 med zucchini OR squash OR jiciama 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt Use a spiralizer or a peeler to noodle the zucchini (peel skin first to trick the kiddies), sprinkle with salt and set aside to allow it to weep out excess water while you make your sauce. My favourite sauce for these noodles is Best Pesto Ever, mixed with some chopped peppers and tomatoes to make a delicious, satisfying and vibrant dish.

Photo Cred Lisa The Schnauzer Brothers are on 4 week of their transition to a bones and raw food (BARF) diet, something I've been wanting to do for ages. I tried several years ago with Sanchez but he ended up with a bout of panreatitis and I panicked and put him back on his kibble. Part of the panic was due to not having a vet I could turn to for guidance. No one seemed clear on the diet requirements of the breed, some telling me Schnauzers can't process high fat and/or high protein diets, others saying they don't have special diet needs at all. Regardless I was very uncomfortable with making the switch. As time passed the more I learned about the effects cooked and process foods have on the body, both human and canine, the more unhappy I was feeding my boys kibble. Finally I found my way to East York Animal Clinic , there I spoke with Dr. Anya and we came to the decision to switch The Brothers to a raw diet including lots of fresh veggies, fruit, quality oils, flax, eggs, chicken and bones. I'm also including mineral supplements and enzymes for Sanchez who is 8, Clyde is 3 and made an easy switch without supplements. They are loving it, Sanchez can't get his meal down fast enough and usually tries to dig into Clyde's. And while Clydey had been hesitant about the veg only, he was an enthusiastic eater once I added the meats. For the first three weeks I was making all their meals, but quickly became bored with the amount of effort required and decided it wasn't sustainable. I started with Tollden Farms this week, the guys are even more eager for meal time, and it's as easy as feeding them kibble. Tollden was highly recommended by my GF worked in the BARF business. I'm so happy we've made the change, I will keep posting on their progress and improvements .