Photo Cred Cat Special request for my Basi, she's been smoothie'ing and loving it and now she wants to try a healthy pasta sauce her hubby will eat... apparently he likes red sauce and she likes white. I tried to throw a green her way (see pesto) but have yet to hear back on that "compromise". Here is a quick, delicious, good for you marinara sauce, thanks to Elaina Love for allowing me to share: Marinara Sauce aka Red Sauce 2 cups sun-dried tomatoes, cover with water for 2 hours 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tbsp red onion, chopped 6 basil leaves 1-1/4 cup tomatoes OR red/yellow peppers, chopped 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt 1/8 tsp dried oregano Blend all ingredients, including soaking water from sun-dried tomatoes in blender or food processor. Use as pasta sauce for zucchini, squash noodles, kelp noodles or all three! Feel free to add black olives and mushrooms to the mix. This is a great, no cook meal with lots of versatility.

Photo Cred Lisa Forget the labels like vegan, raw, vegetarian, piscatarien, blah!! It's about a variety of plant food and fresh, whole ingredients in your diet. This is not extreme, though it may be extremely different than what you're eating. And it is extremely different than what I was eating a few years ago when I practically only did takeout; latte and muffin for breakfast, burrito for lunch, fancy restaurant for dinner. And while I still love going out to eat, I don't miss the headaches and ulcers and I certainly don't long to lay around, feeling bummed out all the time. I started by choosing to put a few general rules in place for myself. When I'm at home I eat my food, we keep whole ingredients in the house and we make all our own meals and snacks. When I'm out, I do my best to plan but sometimes it just doesn't happen and I won't beat myself up. This is a great rule as you quickly see how much better you feel when you're eating your own real food and naturally you'll find yourself less inclined to eat junk. I also make a point of having a blender full of organic green smoothie or green juice daily. They're easy and I'm guaranteed one low cal, nutrient dense, cleansing, 100% good for me meal. One green smoothie has more nutrients than the average American gets in a week! It's about balance, being rigid isn't any fun and making a few small, but comfortable shifts can do wonders. Who knows you might lose weight, feel great and look even better... sounds good to me.

Photo Cred List Yummm! Whipped up a shake last night for dessert after enjoying Cat's Guacasalsamole. Both were delicious! Cinnamon Banana Shake 2 frozen bananas handful hazel nuts 1 cup filtered water 1 tbsp palm sugar 1/2 tbsp cinnamon 1/4 tsp vanilla dash cayenne & Himalayan Pink salt 6 ice cubes Blend dry ingredients with water until smooth, add frozen bananas and ice. Continue blending until it's thick like a milk shake! ***Please excuse the monkey, the banana shake didn't photograph near as nicely as he did.

Photo Cred Lisa I hit up The Ex at the CNE grounds last night, the people watching was out of control! I could spend my day on a bench at The Ex just checking out all the "diversity" in this world. Wow. Anyway, it was super exciting to have a raw food option, Vie, which is located in the main food building has surprisingly prime real estate when you enter through the Buskers Corner entrance, check out the map. I ordered the taco, enchilada and shared a few desserts. The portion sizes were big, both the taco and enchilada were too much food, and the prices about average at $25 including a kambucha. Which of course is crazy, but we're talking CNE here. The taco was super delicious and the enchilada was close but needed a punch of flavour, the desserts were tasty but tiny. I would eat there again, and hope to see them pop up around the city soon. It was kinda awesome leaving The Ex and not feeling like I wanted to barf, yay Vie!

Photo Cred Lisa The Ex opens today at the CNE grounds, and while I've literally had the time of my life there in years past it's a little scary from a food standpoint as deep fried butter and pork on pork sandwiches are the typical fare. But this year, are you ready for it, there is a raw booth! Holy crap! Check out the listing of food available here, from the sounds of it Vie will be serving up tacos, pizza and a bunch of other fancy living food. I'm pretty excited! I'm just so happy to see a healthy option, I love eating out and it's great to indulge in raw foods made by someone else. Hooray! For more info on Vie here is their website and twitter.