Photo Cred Lisa I've been itching to check out Belmonte Raw in Leslieville, so Cat and I popped in for an shared bite on a hot day. And I must say we were super impressed with everything we ordered! The Chili Fries were amazing, like I-need-to-make-those-at-home amazing. The Wealth juice was so tasty it inspired me to use sweet potoato in my Fuzzy Peach recipe  and their Peanut Butter Thimbles, with 24k gold sprinkles, make you ask reese's who? I seriously suggest checking Belmonte out. While it was pretty hot in the cafe, the atmosphere was relaxed and the staff very friendly and attentive. With a cooler of freshly made foods and bottled juices, it makes for a quick grab and go. Or you can order drinks and food to be made on the spot. It's so good to see raw joints popping up in all corners of the city, just another example of the growing demand for real food.

Photo Cred Lisa I had a noon appointment downtown and was too lazy to make a lunch to go and too hungry to wait until I got home. So I Yelped the closest vegan spot and decided on Hibiscus in Kensington Market. Since complaining about the vegan food in the city I decided to make more of an effort to try new places, and I'm glad I did. Hibiscus is on the east side, about halfway down the Augusta strip. It was packed, and rightly so the food was good, quick and cheap. I ordered the large bowl, which was a mix of kelp, quinoa, yams, beat, lentils, tofu, sprouts, chickpeas and on and on it goes. Plus a tasty raw cracker on the side and all for about $8! And if that wasn't enough, the people working were so friendly! I especially enjoyed the happy-go-lucky fellow at cash. I'll be back, Hibiscus is too good.

Checked out my first Toronto Underground Market over the weekend, it was an impressive turnout and the Brickworks is a stunning venue. Having just finished my cleanse the day before I wanted to stick to eating easy vegan, so nothing fried or with refined sugar and flour. I started with a booth serving a Korean soba noodle dish with a bit of lime and cilantro. It was good but I wanted more! After roaming through the crowd, there tucked in the back between a long, long line for lobster and another line for pig was Animal Liberation Kitchen, and I hollered hallelujah! They were offering salad rolls in rice paper with a peanut and a chili sauce as well as an aromatic coconut curry soup. I had one of everything. And felt good afterward which speaks to the quality of ingredients. I was so excited to go to a mainstream event and find good food. While I did think everything was delicious, I am disappointed in our city's veg representation. After having been to Vancouver and Seattle on a bit of a raw restaurant tour this past September, both the Grande Jean and I were stunned at how amazing the food options were. I recognize Toronto is a bit late to adapt the whole foods, veg lifestyle so hopefully as the movement gains strength so will the food offerings in the city. Or maybe I just haven't found the hidden gems? A few of our favs in Van were The Naam, Rooted on the Drive, and Nuba on 3rd. As for Seattle they had the best raw over all, with Thrive and Chaco Canyon.

I'm sad to say I missed the entire event! My weekend was packed, I rushed over to the festival after teaching an Intro to Real Foods on Sunday and walked up as everyone was packing up. So disapointing, this is the second year in a row I missed out. Next year I'll be there when the doors open. I heard good things from BlogTO though.

It is eff-word about time! New, actually good for you, takeout just popped up in the West Queen West hood. Feel Good Guru opened this week, I have yet to try it as I'm a lazy mess on this cleanse but I may do so this week for a juice. Regardless I'll let you know how it is the minute I've formed my opinion. Gawd it's just so great to have actual healthy takeout close by.