Elaina Love If you've been following The Goods for a while you've heard me mentioned Elaina Love, some of you even met her. Many of our best recipes are hers or inspired by her and she is the beautiful soul who taught me everything I know about the raw world. There are some people who come into your life and change you forever. Elaina is one of those people for me, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today if it wasn't for her and the academy. I don't think I've ever know someone who's light radiates out, in all directions across the entire planet like Elaina Love's does. It was her birthday yesterday, I would have loved to spend it with her. But I must be patient, waiting in anticipation for our next chance to team up, in some capacity, which I don't doubt will shake up things for me again. She is the queen bee, head witch, mother of raw, goddess of green and I'm blessed to call her my friend and teacher. Happy belated birthday Elaina Love. x

What a wonderful night of eating, delicious, healing foods during Elaina Love's Pure Joy Academy Mexican Night. Big thanks to everyone who came out, such a fun high energy group. I will be hosting a Pure Joy Dessert night in the coming weeks, please email me if you're interested. I feel Sunday will be easier than a weekday for most of the downtown group. The recipes on the menu: Key Lime Pie Chocolate Mousse Torte Apple Cobbler with Pecan Crumble Sky High Whipped Cream Superfood Chocolate Clusters Blueberry Cheesecake So happy to be part of this movement, it really is so good.

I'm excited to announce that Elaina Love of Pure Joy Academy is coming to Toronto! She'll be in our city October 16 and 17 teaching two evening courses. Tuesday night will feature her incredible raw, vegan Mexican food followed by her world famous desserts on Wednesday night. I've been completing my teacher training under Elaina this month in Arizona and was certified by her through the academy in Bali this past April. I've had raw food all over North America and I can tell you her recipes are THE best. Space is limited, hope to see you there. Click above image for more information.

adailyapple.com Another recipe for Basi, she's had lots going on this week so I'm happy to be sending a little extra blog love her way. To finish the red sauce vs white sauce discussion from Monday I'm sharing another of Elaina Love's delicious recipes, this one for Alfredo Sauce. Alfredo Sauce aka White Sauce 2 cups macadamia nuts, soaked 2 hours or more 1 cup water, as needed for creamy texture 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp organic light miso, to taste dash nutmeg 1/4 tsp white pepper 1 tbsp onion powder, to taste 1 tsp garlic powder Himalayan pink salt Blend all ingredients until creamy smooth. Add to delicious veg noodles or kelp noodles and generously top with extra veggies like red pepper or sliced portobello mushroom. Big thanks to Pure Joy Academy and Elaina Love for another simple delicious recipe, what a wonderful teacher, chef and friend. xo

I'm very excited to be enroute to Scottsdale, Arizona right now! I'm heading down to work with Elaina Love while she facilities her phenomenal 3 week raw chef certification, followed by a 1 week juice fast and liver flush. I was lucky enough to attend Pure Joy Academy in Bali, Indonesia in April of this year, it was one of the greatest experiences. It changed everything and I've since chosen to remain on a high raw diet, which has been pretty easy since Elaina teaches close to 300 recipes over the three weeks, and her partner Chris Whitcoe covers a ton of information regarding nutrition and the science behind diet and food. I'll update the goods from AZ with loads of great information to share. I will be hosting Elaina October 16 and 17 in Toronto. She will be teaching a raw Mexican and Desserts class. You haven't had good food, until you've had Elaina Love's food! More information to come, email me if you're interested in attending... info (at) thegoodsisgood.com