Photo Cred Lisa Posting this one for my girl Basi who's looking for extra protein and energy to get through her intense boot camp! This recipe has about 7g of protein, and chia is a fantastic energy and diet food... yeesss chia like chia pet. Peachy Popeye 2 handfuls of organic spinach 2 local peaches, pit removed 1 med carrot, washed but not peeled 2 tbsp chia seeds, heaping 2 cups water Blend well, add extra water as needed. Enjoy! And Basi, you tell that handsome husband of yours I'm going to be checking in on him, he best keep up his greens.

Photo Cred Lisa The Smoothie Queen did it again, fantastic combo, she hits it every time! Backyard Smoothie, makes 2 for sharing 1 zucchini 1 bunch of organic leaf lettuce 2 Ontario peaches, pitted* 1 organic banana 1/2 cup raw almonds 1 tbsp cinnamon 3 cups filtered water 4 cubes of ice Blend it up and enjoy! *If you forget to take out the pit (Catharine!) it will blend up, but makes for a spitty smoothie.

photo cred Cat Summer is here and so is all that lovely fresh, local fruit. I especially love peaches and nectarines but often find them too hard.  Then by the time I remember them again, they are rotten or past their prime.  My dear brother in-law and I recently went shopping together and he bought some nectarines.  I commented on how I never buy them (for above said reasons) and he shared with me the cure. Place any hard fruit (avocado & tomatoes will work too) in a brown bag and/or plastic bag WITH an apple and store it in a dark cool place (ie. your cupboard). In the morning, your fruit will be good-to-go.  So simply but so effective. (...and if you haven't already checked it out, also see other uses for your cupboard).