All the Girls Welcome back! It's sad to see the holidays go but a relief to get back to a routine especially when it comes to food... wow all that holiday food! If eating better is on this year's "to do" list think about teaming up with a like-minded friend. The likelihood of keeping at it, is better when you have support and someone is looking to you for the same. Cat and I do this constantly, we take turns making meals when together and sharing great recipes. It makes it fun and that much easier, plus continually sharing in each others experience keeps momentum up. This is one of the reasons our lunch delivery works well, when a group of coworkers are eating and enjoying in the experience of healthy food daily, they become that much more aware of what they're eating and how they're feeling because they're doing it together. Grab a friend and show 2013 what you're about!    

Canadian Pennies We've all collected pennies and been amazed at how fast they add up.
Same goes for change in your life, just start collecting. Don't worry about the ultimate outcome as I promise you have no idea what it can be or even what you want it to be just move forward, start to collect. Change adds up more quickly than you think.People like to talk to me about how I changed careers and have built something new for myself, then they like to read me their list of all the reasons why they can't do what I did, and how I'm lucky. Weellll I don't buy that, maybe they can't do exactly what I'm doing but that's because it's for me to do and there is something exactly right for them, for all of you.
Change is addictive, once you start making little changes you get hooked and see how possible it is for big change.Thank you all so much for 2012, for your supportive emails and all the beautiful changes you've made this year we're so proud. Here's to a big, shiny, really good 2013.

Merrrrry Christmas - Grande Jean & LL For all you last minute shoppers out there, the guilt of not knowing what to get a loved one can result in expensive presents. Here are a few big ticket ideas for fantastic, health conscious gifts to kick off new year resolutions and healthier lifestyle changes. Spiralizer Fantastic for making zucchini, squash and cucumber noodles, fun for the kids too -  Spirooli Dehydrator Who doesn't want a dehydrator! The healthiest way to preserve living foods and make some super delicious snacks and sweets - Excalibur Water Filter Clean water is important and surprisingly hard to find, unless you have a water filtration system installed, or add this beautiful baby to your collection of gagets - Big Berkey Blender A high-speed blender changes lives... I'm not kidding. They are pricy, but have a look and decide which suits your needs, both will pulverize kale like a dream - Vitamix or HealthMaster Happy last minute shopping!