Darou Approved


I am pleased to announce the Goods is approved by the Darou Wellness Program for the month of July. The integrated team at Darou Wellness not only supports their patients but also local, like-minded businesses in the Toronto wellness community.

I have a wonderful history with the founder Dr. Shauna Darou, she was my first naturopathic doctor and a guiding light in the early days of my transition to a plant based diet. I still follow much of her direction years later and I feel honoured that her program has approved the Goods as a healthy business in the city. 

If you’re looking to take your health to the next level, see a naturopathic doctor. It’ll be worth it, they are experts in natural health and wellness.

Darou Approved

Kraut About


It must be the season, I’m so into fermented veg right now.

Mother nature does not mess around, sauerkraut is amazing for digestion, as it’s a natural probiotic, plus it has lots of antioxidants and B vitamins. Plus it’s touted as the viagra of choice for most of Eastern Europe….

I’ve been using leftover cabbage to make kraut, it’s pretty hard to use a whole head in good time at home so cut off a chunk and keep it in a baggie then use the rest to make sauerkraut.

Spicy Good Kraut

3/4 head red cabbage, shredded (or whole head)
1 tbsp mineral salt
2 tsp my spice OR cayenne (optional)

Shred cabbage thinly as possible in a food processor, dump into a large bowl and massage, punch, squeeze and love that cabbage until it’s limp and there is lots of juice. Place in a very clean jar and pack it tightly so the liquid rises above the cabbage.

You’ll want to leave it on a shelf for about 3-4 days, prop the jar lid on top to keep the kraut clean but not sealed. It will ferment naturally, magic!

Kraut About

Coco Nutty

Cracked Young Coconut

Have you ever eaten a whole coconut? Young Thai Coconuts, are the big green ones, in the city you’ll find the green outer layer husked off to make them easier to pack. Found at Asian markets and health food stores, the perfect specimen will be white and not pink, especially on the bottom.

Water is filtered in through the plant as it grows and stored within the coconut’s hard shell. The living water found within hydrates due to naturally occurring electrolytes and contains vitamin C, iron and calcium. Coconuts are low glycemic and delicious.

You’ll need guidance to open one of these babies. The cheapest route is a cleaver, they’re about $20 at most kitchen stores. I use this method at home, ELove can give you a demo, she taught me. For cleaver free access try the Coco Jack, we use this tool in store and at our events.

Scrape out the beautiful meat, enjoy as is or freeze and use in recipes. We also sell whole coconuts at the Goods if you want to try, we can even give you a Coco Jack demo.

Coco Nutty

Romaine’ Around

Kylie For The Goods

The incredibly bright, loveable and organized Kylie was at THE GOODS making smoothies. We mixed and matched leftover ingredients from the week and came up with this beauty of a smoothie today.

Romaine’ Around Smoothie
makes 2Ls

1 head organic romaine lettuce
2 organic bosh pears
4 sprigs curly parsley
1/2 stalk organic celery
1-1/2 lemons, juiced
2 tbsp chia
4 cups filtered water

Blend well on high speed… but not too long, add ice if you like.

Kylie also informed the kitchen that parsley, in high quantities will act as an emmenagogue, which means it stimulates menstruation. So if you’re late, and not knocked up, bring on the parsley. Whether steeped as a tea, or blended into a smoothie or juice it’s rumoured to work like a charm.

Romaine’ Around

Summer Skins

The summer is coming, it has to be right! Ack patience, patience…

What to do in the interim… skin prep! If you haven’t tried dry brushing you gotta, not only will it leave your skin buffed and beautiful but it’s actually is good for your health too. It exfoliates to open pores and helps expel toxins.

Next, you want to moisturize. I’m big on using naturals oils, they leave your skin lustrous, some vitamins and minerals can be absorbed through your skin AND they have naturals SPFs… what? Yes you read that correctly. Olive, coconut and sesame oil are about a 5 and wheatgerm oil is a 20 spf and that’s only a few of them.

Of course you must use caution when spending time under the sun, but like always we want to think about what you put in and on your body. Wanna know more, start here maybe followed by a google search or two. Fascinating stuff.

Now let’s focus all our positive thoughts on moving those clouds so the sun can shine down this weekend!

Summer Skins

Goods To Know Crystal Pit


The deodorant dilemma, you’ve heard whisperings that the stuff on the shelf at the pharmacy could be really bad for your health, but we’re all afraid of being the stinker alone at the lunch table.

I’ve been playing around with some different options and I’m currently a fan of the crystal. I mean who doesn’t want to start their day off by rubbing a big wet salt crystal under their pits. Plus it really works, salt kills bacteria and bacteria is the stuff that makes you smell when you sweat.

Found at most health food stores, make sure you buy a brand that specifically says no aluminum. It took about a week to kick in for me, and I of course will publicly retract this post if the crystal doesn’t hold up come sweaty season…

Goods To Know Crystal Pit