MISFITSTUDIO Alright kids, you've been asking for THE GOODS so we're giving it to you. Starting next week MISFITSTUDIO will be carrying our green smoothies, Insteada superfood drinks and snack boxes. Plus you can place orders for salad pickup Monday to Thursday. The best part.... MISFITSTUDIO is an incredible yoga and pilates space, a reprieve from crazy life. Grab a mat, flow between movements to amazing music as lead by some inspiring and beautiful people. The open air, sunny studio in the heart of Queen West makes you feel like you're anywhere but here while strengthening and tightening your entire body. I love this place, it's been saving me for a few months now. So you can imagine how excited I am to be sharing THE GOODS through them.  Click here for more on our food and here for their amazing intro offer. Believe it.

Gosi's Bottom Tending to Jim the Dog I'm going to have to eat it in this post. My bestie has been bugging me to try Pilates for YEARS and I resisted, I resisted hard. Even after watching her tighten up top to bottom I just wouldn't budge. But now...well now I'm obsessed. I can't stop going. I can't stop thinking about going, I love it. The results are quick, you feel strong, you feel firm and the progress you make in class is tangible and in turn motivating. I'm hesitant to tell you where we've been going for fear of everyone finding out and the place becoming overrun. But I must as Misfits is truly a gem, a little getaway where you can hide for an hour. And the ladies at the studio know what they're doing, I mean they're practically handing out custom asses. Basically what I'm saying is, Gosi I'm sorry you were right, I love Pilates just like you said. You are the silent puppeteer, flitting around backstage with your sneaky little noodle fingers setting everything right... and sometimes left. Now I'm going to have to make up for lost time and give you a run for your booty money. Thanks for sticking with me bitch!