20131004-111205.jpg Everyone could use a little help in the kitchen sometimes, ya get bored and need to switch it up. Here are a few of my favourite cookbooks... or un-cooked books if you need some inspiration.  Elaina Love's Pure Joy Kitchen, Vol 1 & 2 The Complete Book of Raw Food Alicia Silverstone's The Kind Diet ReFresh The Art of Raw Food Annie Nichols' Healthy Vegetarian, Healthy Life Now with your freshly stocked pantry and a few new recipes in hand you'll live it up all winter long.

Lemon Sprizter I was gifted some awesome kitchen gadgets over the holidays, but this citrus spritzer from my mum is super cool. I haven't seen anything like it before and it works just as well as you would hope. I'm pretty excited to use it on my cut avocados to keep them from turning ugly. If you got any handy kitchen tools this year, please share we'd love to know what's out there! Check out the Lékué website for more of their innovative kitchen stuff.