photo cred Cat I'm not lying when I say this but this actually happened last week. Auds: "Muma, can I have a smoothie for breakfast?" Me: "Absolutely, what shall we put in it?" Auds: "Banana, mango, grapes... Me: "And let's put some zucchini & lettuce & hemp cause we want some veggies too right?" Auds: "Sure Mama, I'm not going to taste it anyway" The Aud-ly Good Smoothie 1 cup of homemade almond milk 1 banana 1/2 cup mango 1/2 cup grapes 1/2 sm zucchini 2  med romaine leaves 1 tbsp hemp hearts Blend and enjoy. Add more almond milk for desired consistency.

nosugartonight I've been hearing a lot of people wanting to eliminate sugar from their diets as an attempt to get healthy.  I applaud all of you and trust me when I say this, you'll find new energy, your mind will be clearer and generally you'll feel happier and healthier.  But I'm also going to be perfectly honest with you right now.  I ate 4 mini chocolates today. It wasn't a brilliant move on my part as 10 mins later I felt like I wanted to go to sleep under my desk, but it happened and I'm not going to beat myself up for it OR give up on the rest of my day. The great thing about eliminating crap from your diet is that you get such a buzz from clean eating that consuming anything else, pales in comparison. What a great place to be right? So as you're thinking about what to have for dinner tonight. Go healthy and give it up sugar. Sugar is soooooooo yesterday.

squats Who's up for a challenge? You know I like a little challenge, especially when I go into it thinking it'll be easy and my rump could look like that when I'm done. I'm giving the squat challenge a go and to prove it I'm on day 5, I work the squats in before I take off to the kitchen in the morning. Easy-peasy.... I'd love one of our new mom friends to try this out with baby strapped to front. Any takers? I wonder how many hits we'll get with the impossible teeny-tiny behind above circulating our social network? Happy squatting!

Teres So do you know what day it is today? It's a very special day that both Lisa and I hold very dear to our hearts. It's T-Bay Day. Oh yes, she gets her very own, special, bedazzled day of celebration. We're not talking her birthday (though that's very special in its own right), no, we're talking about celebrating our home-girl Teresa Bayley (aka. Teebs, T-bay, Bay, T). Not only was she kinda the whole reason THE GOODS started delivering lunches BUT she's really pretty, very funny (no really, we laugh with her, not at her), holds meetings on certain sides of her mouth, can quote "Gavin & Stacey" like it's nobody's biznazz, is a fabulous Mom (though looks far too young to reproduce in the first place), is as tall if not taller then most, and a cherished friend of ours. We love you Tiny Dancer. We can't thank you enough for your endless support (and the relentless peer pressure of your co-workers). If you have the good fortune of knowing her, say thank you. She deserves it. P.S. Eat your greens.

Photo cred RW Photography I'm going back to my Ad job next week. It really got me thinking about everything and all the changes that have happened. It has been an epic year my friends. Little ones have grown, I've shrunk, I have found my voice and nurtured my passions, I have fortified existing friendships and even made some new ones. I have a new understanding of the concept "You are what you eat" and "Let food be thy medicine". I have a new love and respect for Ontario and organic farmers and I've ditched the gluten and dairy (for the most part). I have more energy now then I did in my twenties - I even threw a birthday party for 17 four year olds (I may not be repeating that one though). I drink a green smoothie everyday and can't live without chia or hemp hearts. I'm in love, surrounded by love and am loved. Wanna know what else? I celebrate my love affair and friendship with LL. She found a way to get through to me and quite literally turned my life around. She invited me into this wonderful, crazy world of The Goods and I'm blessed to have her in my life. Love you Biz. Madly. This one's for you.