photo cred Cat When Lisa and I starting writing this blog we wanted to inspire and promote healthy living to its maximum.  We wanted people to know that even one little green smoothie consumed every day would make you want to move mountains.  We wanted to help everybody but THE GOODS evolution has really got me thinking about what those green smoothies have really done - for us. Now Lisa and I are what you would call energetic people (or at least that's the polite way of calling it) BUT follow through was never our forte.  So what's different this time around?  Simply put - our input equals our output.  We feed ourselves lovely clean natural food and our personal lists of accomplishments are now astounding.  It's not just about having extra energy (though that's a major perk) it's about mentally, physical and emotionally evolving into the people we always knew we could be.  Us, 2.0. We have turned the preverbal corner thanks to those green smoothies - we're now making shit happen and loving every blessed moment of it.

photo cred Cat As a side job/labour of love, I'm providing homemade green smoothies to a great gal close to home (wha wha Meagan). She attended our Kick Start Smoothie class and really wanted all the benefits of said smoothie but due to super early morning starts, and her blender waking up the household, she found it hard to make happen.  Does that sound familiar? So every morning I make a HUGE, beautiful, organic green smoothie and she gets half and I get the other half - total win-win sitch.  My eldest names them (yesterday's smoothie was "The J'en Paco" cause she was pretending to talk French and today's was "The Edward" cause we were discussing the Twilight movies, as one does with a 4 yr old) and then I drop it off to Miss Meagan. And I'm happy to say that I have another person interested in this smoothie delivery cause let's be honest what could be better than a gorge green smoothie, made with love and delivered right to you.  I mean, I ask you....

photo cred Cat I usually start my day with Auds declaring her hunger, immediately followed by can she watch TV and/or eat candy? The answer is usually a resounding NO but one thing she does get (and to this day still believes it belongs to the "treat" category) is a green popsicle (a.k.a. IcePop).  Easy to make and delivers fruit and veg and other lovely ingredients. Making your own does let you control the sugar and other potential not-so-good fillers that come with store-bought smoothies. The measurements below either fills up an icecube tray or a popsicle mold. Since the liquid is quite thick already, you can place toothpicks (I use three) in the centre without having to wait until the juice sets. Here is a recipe for a kid's beginner smoothie/popsicle. Gradually over time I will add kale and other lovely greens. Berry Fairy Popsicle 1 1/2 cups fresh pinapple juice 2 Ontario peaches 1 avocado 3 tbsp ground flax seed (Costco) 1 cup frozen organic blueberries (Costco) 1 cup local raspberries 1 cup 0% Greek yogurt 1 tbsp raw local honey 1 tbsp lemon juice, freshly squeezed Blend, pour, freeze and enjoy!

Photo Cred Lisa The Smoothie Queen did it again, fantastic combo, she hits it every time! Backyard Smoothie, makes 2 for sharing 1 zucchini 1 bunch of organic leaf lettuce 2 Ontario peaches, pitted* 1 organic banana 1/2 cup raw almonds 1 tbsp cinnamon 3 cups filtered water 4 cubes of ice Blend it up and enjoy! *If you forget to take out the pit (Catharine!) it will blend up, but makes for a spitty smoothie.