Happy International Women's day! I'm a lucky woman. I was born the daughter of a strong and independent woman and have had the good fortune of countless women stand by my side, helping me become the person I am today. To my aunts, grandmothers, cousins, bosses, friends and coworkers; I love you and I am eternally grateful. Now... back to work. A special thank you to Uber for the Goods' team photo and for including us in their Toronto's Celebrated Female Chef feature.  

photo cred Cat So now that I'm back at work, I get together with a few of my fav peeps, which also happen to be smokin' hot Mumas with multiple kids (ra-spect), and eat The Goods (obviously). This awesome "power-hour" is often full of mad love, swapping current stories and pics of the little ones, strategizing on how we will take over the world and laughing probably louder than we should. But it got me thinking about the power of eating together. It's pretty magical stuff. I'm talking about taking a moment to enjoy your food with someone. I understand that sometimes there is simply not enough time to take the proverbial hour for lunch but you can spare at least a moment. Allow yourself to enjoy one of life's basic necessities. Not only does taking that break actually make you more productive but having even a quick catch-up convo with a workmate/pod-mate/like minded food-mate while eating will foster feelings of security, belonging, well-being and even love. Great food is awesome, eating it with great people is even more awesome. Double rainbows - mind-blowing. 

Teres So do you know what day it is today? It's a very special day that both Lisa and I hold very dear to our hearts. It's T-Bay Day. Oh yes, she gets her very own, special, bedazzled day of celebration. We're not talking her birthday (though that's very special in its own right), no, we're talking about celebrating our home-girl Teresa Bayley (aka. Teebs, T-bay, Bay, T). Not only was she kinda the whole reason THE GOODS started delivering lunches BUT she's really pretty, very funny (no really, we laugh with her, not at her), holds meetings on certain sides of her mouth, can quote "Gavin & Stacey" like it's nobody's biznazz, is a fabulous Mom (though looks far too young to reproduce in the first place), is as tall if not taller then most, and a cherished friend of ours. We love you Tiny Dancer. We can't thank you enough for your endless support (and the relentless peer pressure of your co-workers). If you have the good fortune of knowing her, say thank you. She deserves it. P.S. Eat your greens.