Real Food


This was a fun interview with Jim the creator of Travel Mammal, it was a single question – What does food mean to you?

“Whether we’ve truly made the connection between food and our well being doesn’t matter; what we eat affects us the same regardless of our awareness.”  Lisa Labute

For my full answer, check out the interview and have a look around the site, there is lots of wonderful content about travel, food, culture and experience.

Real Food

In Love With Juniper

The Colonel

Oh Amanda and Aneta, the dreamboat creative team behind Juniper Wood Kitchen, a blog committed to beautiful and simple plant based recipes.

I’m pumped to have the chance to share my hot salad recipe, The Colonel, with Amanda and Aneta’s followers. And since it doesn’t seem to be warming up outside, no better time than now to share with you too.

Check us out on Juniper Wood Kitchen.

And for a Q&A with yours truly click here.

In Love With Juniper

Two Thousand And Fifteen This


It’s January and it’s time to think about things – all sorts of things. Think about your health, your job, your life, your family. We want it all and you know what? We can. Why not?

Funny thing is, it all starts with you. When you’re looked after and eating well, good food has the power to transform. Transform your state of mind, your overall health, your outlook on life and even how you treat people. It starts with you and always comes back to you. So be proud that you’re taking this vital step to helping shift the world consciousness. I’m feeling pretty damn proud about our contribution, so much so, I think I may just update my Linkedin profile.

Two Thousand And Fifteen This

We Got This

 is back in action, thank the heavens.

There is a lot to be excited about, they’ve added more classes and a 30 Day Challenge starting Monday, yes, yes I’m one day late writing this and signing up but don’t you worry I’ll catch up and so will you.

Joining the challenge gets you an unlimited pass for $150, all you newbies who’ll be TOTALLY hooked can then grab the intro pass for only $45 after the challenge ends. Basically that’s two months for the price of one… ever wonder how good your ass could look… well now is the time to find out.

Remember to order the Goods for pickup at the studio and experience just how much magic can be conjured through good food and movement.


The Cottager

Naked Green Woman

Yip yip Canada Day is here! If you’re off to the cottage or hanging with the fam, planning around all the food needs can seem like a total pain, but it’s not impossible.

You know we’re all about what you DO eat and less about what you DON’T eat. Food is personal, don’t we know it, but all of us feel better when eating fresh veggies and fruits on the regular. So enjoy your weekend with friends, indulge if you choose, just eat/drink your greens too.

Make a couple of big jars of smoothies before you leave, they’ll keep for 3 to 4 days refrigerated and ensure you’re keeping your system moving and nourished.

Cottage Buddy 

3-4 bunches of bok choy
2 organic carrots
1″ peeled ginger
1 lemon, juiced
1 red delicious organic apple
1 bosc organic pear
1 tbsp hemp oil
1 tray ice cubes 
2 cups filtered water

Blend all ingredients except ice until smooth, add ice and blend again quickly. Now have fun and enjoy the sun.

Oh and The Weekender is another great travel smoothie recipe.

The Cottager

DuWest Fest


The CraveTO event was awesome on Friday and we’re happy to say we debut our BBQ Brussel Crisps and they were a hit.

If you wanna give them a try you must come see us Saturday, June 7 for the Dundas West Fest. It’s hands down my favourite street festival in the city. Dundas is closed between Landsdowne and Ossington so the stores can unload their goods into the street. It’s all music, food, drink and shopping… oh and lots of people watching.

We’ll have a patio setup with our full menu available, plus some new iced drinks for the summer and if they arrive in time we’ll be cracking real coconuts on the street, no tetra packs at the Goods.

Only 5 more sleeps!

DuWest Fest

They’re Upon Us

Holiday Apartment Tree

The holidays, oh god snacky things all over the office, you can’t help yourself. Dinners, pot-lucks, drinks, parties, weird holiday sweater events, all spilling over with food. So much food!

You’ll go mad guilting over ever morsel that hits your lips, so focus on the good food when responsible for yourself. You know in the morning before work, or durning your lunch. If you eat well two meals a day that’s 60% of your diet and a lot of veggies.

So what to make…. obviously a daily green smoothie, this will up your intake of leafy greens, raw veggies and fruits this month and prove key to floating happily through the holidays. And if you haven’t done the green smoothie thing, it’s time.

Keep with clean, real food. There will be plenty of opportunities for indulgent meals and treats. When making eats for yourself use whole foods and eliminate the dairy, meat, refined flours, sugars and processed packaged stuff. That kind of food* multiple times a day weighs your mind and body down… lighten up with plants as often as possible.

Recipe ideas… click here.

* in this case I use the word loosely….

They’re Upon Us