Be Well Unlikely Co.

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It was a pleasure to host Unlikely Co. in our kitchen, we chatted all things food, I swore a lot… and we cooked up one hell of a healing soup.

Trilby Tanner and Cherie Tsang are the creators of Unlikely Co. They believe there are those who do what they love for a living and those who work so they can do what they love. What’s most important is knowing what moves you. And if you don’t? They can help.

Unlikely Co. was created out of the desire to find an answer to the question above. Committed to shaking up the daily routine by trying their hand at new experiences with Toronto’s local creatives, makers and innovators.

Check out the interview from their evening at the Goods, we’re sharing our new Be Well Superfood Soup recipe, so get in there.

Be Well Unlikely Co.

Happy Birthday To Us


Hey yooo! Wanna play a littel game? Below are 4 truths and 1 lie…

#1 – It’s the Goods’ 3rd birthday and Guy Fawkes Day.

#2 – Cat Parker’s 16 x great grandfather was one of the ring leaders in Guy Fawkes’ posse.

#3 – We designed those innovative graphics on our own, without the help of a single professional.

#4 – We’re going to think this blog post is ten times funnier than you ever will.

Happy Birthday To Us

the Goods + UberEATS


We’ve been posting about #uberEATS on social media so here’s the full lowdown.

Uber now offers UberEATS, a super easy lunch option in the downtown core and today they’re serving up our Chuck Norris Bowl. Just order through their Uber app, and it’ll be there in 10 minutes…. no joke.

We’re pretty excited to join forces with Uber for the day to provide yet another means of making the Goods’ clean, feel good eating easy for you. Between that and our Toronto wide weekly lunch delivery service, takeout restaurant on Dundas and our fridges at MISFITSTUDIO on Queen West and Ardith on Roncesvalles feeling great is becoming pretty darn convenient.

If you are in Uber’s delivery area today, use the code EATSGOODS and Uber will give you 50% off your order. And obvs let us know how it goes.

the Goods + UberEATS

You Know We Screamed

Best Salad Toronto

We’re pretty pumped, the Goods was voted Best Salad In Toronto on BlogTO this weekend. After the high fiving subsided an exuberant discussion followed about how excited we are that the vast majority of the restaurants voted are focused on real, vegan food or at least strict vegetarian with a host of other dietary options.

We’re not talking caesar or cobb salad here, most everyone are making their dressings in-house and prepping plants to make it happen without the unnecessary addition of meats or dairy. Pretty cool people, looks like Toronto is getting the hang of this conscious eating thing.

With so many options for healthy takeout, greasy food is no longer the only easy takeaway option after a long exhausting day. And who knows you might find you liked tossing a salad a lot more than a pizza…

A big thanks to everyone who voted, you make us happy.

You Know We Screamed

Smoothie Smackdown

Smoothie Smack Down

To quote Shakespeare “Wahoooooo, we WON mutha****as”. And we could not have done it without you.  We are so happy, elated, grateful and full of love. You are all the best and this victory means the world to us.

Best Juice Bar in Toronto 

Know what else it means? It means that Lisa and I are seriously thinking about co-running for Mayer of Toronto. Can we count on your vote?

Smoothie Smackdown

Summer In The City


Ohhh sunny days ahead and this year we’re excited to be part of summer in a big way.

Two upcoming events we’d love to see your sunny faces at:

On Friday May 30, from 5pm to 11pm CraveTO is hosting the first outdoor food fest of the season at Wychwood Barns, with music, lots of food under $5 and us! We’ll be offering Mini Noodle Bowls and our brand new BBQ Brussels. So delicious, raw and vegan… it is the Goods after all.

Dundas West Fest this year is going to be even better than the last. Dundas closes from Landsdowne to Ossington on Saturday, June 7 all day so the cafes and stores can set up shop on the sunny street. It’s a great community event and really shows off all DuWest has to offer.

Bring your friends, veg and meat heads alike, there will be lots of good stuff for all to enjoy.

Summer In The City

Go Time

The Goods Dundas West

Well there you have it kids, the Goods has a real home at 1255 Dundas West.

As of tomorrow we will be opening our takeout to the public. We’ve got big time butterflies but thanks to our wonderful delivery customers over the past 14 months, many of whom have eaten our lunches every single day, we’ve nailed salad bowls and smoothies.

Come check us out, hours and menu will be posted on our Facebook page, online pre-order takeout will be up and running shortly and of course you can email us at if you wanna chat.

Big love, the Goods

Go Time