Dry brushing is magic, in my experience it's restored my skin to what I remember it looking and feeling like in my early 20s. No bumps or flaky skin and a surprising reduction in celulite. This magic obviously happened in conjunction with a high raw vegetarian diet and removal of processed, fake food. We know the advantages to brushing our teeth, tongue and hair so why not our skin too? Our skin is the largest organ in the body, many people don't realize this. While the skin is designed to act as a protective barrier it also eliminates toxins and wastes from our system and absorbs vitamins like A, E and D. When the skin is clogged with poor quality lotions, dry skin and environmental build up it is not able to do the job. Those toxins get stored under the skin, and add elimination stress on the liver and kidneys. Skin brushing feels amazing, it gets those nasty toxins moving through to your lymphatic system, it revives and refreshes the outer appearance, and opens and unclogs pores so your body can BREATH! There are lots of ways to brush, I start at my feet and work the strokes towards my heart. Brushing every morning before you shower is a good routine. As time passes you'll be able to upgrade to a firmer brush and your strokes will become more vigorous. With your beautiful skin able to breath freely, it's important to think about the lotions you're using. I only put products on my skin that I can eat, so to moisturize I use coconut oil or olive oil. Remember everything that's on your body, ends up in your body. Check out this video for a great skin brushing demonstration.

photo cred Cat Winter is fast approaching.  I know this because my skin is becoming uncomfortably dry.  Lotion and potions never do the trick and who the hell wants all those chemicals on and in your body anyway? Never mind the cost - it's outrageous, I tell ya. A few years ago, my fabulous Mother-in-law (oh yes, they do exist) turned me onto her secret and oh-so-easy homemade after-shower lotion and I've never gone back. Here's what you do: Combine in a bottle: Extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of any essential oil you like the smell of. I'm partial to rose oil.  After you bathe, apply to your entire body Voila. You have a non-chemical, all natural, inexpensive and super hydrating body lotion. Or an even cheaper but just as fabulous option is to just use organic coconut oil (Thanks Alexis for the inspiration....Hollah).  Oh, and don't forget to dry brush before you bathe - your body will thank you.