Darou Approved


I am pleased to announce the Goods is approved by the Darou Wellness Program for the month of July. The integrated team at Darou Wellness not only supports their patients but also local, like-minded businesses in the Toronto wellness community.

I have a wonderful history with the founder Dr. Shauna Darou, she was my first naturopathic doctor and a guiding light in the early days of my transition to a plant based diet. I still follow much of her direction years later and I feel honoured that her program has approved the Goods as a healthy business in the city. 

If you’re looking to take your health to the next level, see a naturopathic doctor. It’ll be worth it, they are experts in natural health and wellness.

Darou Approved

Real Food


This was a fun interview with Jim the creator of Travel Mammal, it was a single question – What does food mean to you?

“Whether we’ve truly made the connection between food and our well being doesn’t matter; what we eat affects us the same regardless of our awareness.”  Lisa Labute

For my full answer, check out the interview and have a look around the site, there is lots of wonderful content about travel, food, culture and experience.

Real Food

International Women’s Day


Happy International Women’s day!

I’m a lucky woman. I was born the daughter of an strong and independent woman and have had the good fortune of countless women stand by my side, helping me become the person I am today. To my aunts, grandmothers, cousins, bosses, friends and coworkers; I love you and I am eternally grateful. Now… back to work.

A special thank you to Uber for the Goods’ team photo and for including us in their Toronto’s Celebrated Female Chef feature.


International Women’s Day

Pure Transformations

Lisa Labute

I had a surprise invite from Jessica, creator of Pure Transformations, to write a little piece for her blog. Jess is featuring members of our community who help Torontonians live healthier lives.

Obviously I was into it and happy to have a little place on her great blog. Jessica is a wonderful fitness motivator and shares her passion for replacing fitness industry myths with real information that works.

Check out my post follow Jessica on Instagram and be seriously motivated.

Pure Transformations


Today is the day! We’re so excited to be working with UberEATS and Second Harvest to bring the Goods to those in need.

When you use your Uber app between 11 am and 2 pm today to order your lunch, Uber will match your order and send one of our boxed meals to Second Harvest to be distributed to someone in need.

How cool is that, by feeding yourself you’re also feeding someone in our community… actually you’ll be nourishing them and we could all use more of that.

We donate all of our extra UberEATS meals to Dixon Hall and it’s motivating to see the program expand as it’s close to our hearts.

Get involved, eat lunch.



Healthy City Guide

meghan telpher city guide

Thanks to the lovely Meghan Telpner, the mastermind behind the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the author of Undiet, for compiling this fantastic Healthy City Guide.

Whether you need suggestions for what to do when your longtime vegetarian mother-in-law comes to town, or you personally could use support while transitioning to your healthy, conscious lifestyle. There are loads of top-notch local businesses in our beautiful city, all passionately waiting to share their thoughtful products and services with good people like you. Get out there and explore.

Thanks for the mention ACN, you all rock!

Healthy City Guide

The Goods Delivers

Good Food and The Goods

Hey ya’ll, we launched our brand new website today and we’re pretty proud.

Not only is it a beauty, it’s also going to make it sooo easy for you to order up healthy eats, made just for you, delivered to your desk or doorstep.

Changes to our delivery service: 

1. We’ve done away with minimum order requirements, you can now order lots of food or just a little.

2. We’ve extended our delivery zones, delivery fees will now be $6 daily in the core or $12 daily throughout our extended area.

3. Since 2013, your lunch has been delivered by the reliable couriers at Good Foot Delivery via public transit. Your delivery fee goes entirely to Good Foot and supports employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. This is an environmentally-friendly delivery service helping members of our community gain independence.

Suggestions for minimizing delivery charges – rally your co-workers, place a group order and split the delivery charge between the group. If you’re ordering solo, place one order for two or three days worth of food. We can drop everything off at once and since the Goods is made fresh from scratch you can have lots of clean eats for a few days.

It’s been a trip watching the Goods grow. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude daily and thank you for demanding for real, conscious food options and for supporting local business.

The Goods Delivers