What? Today is a very special day, it's Parker's 38th birthday. Seems like just yesterday we were standing around the agency lunch table negotiating the terms our first hangout. I can't imagine life without Cat, it'd be very dull indeed. I've watched her become a wife and shortly after a mother (read shot gun wedding), a homeowner then a mother again. While growing her exceptional family she's also grown her career and a new business. She maintains a level of personal style I find exhausting. Always has a story to tell, it's usually too long but entertaining... even if it's the 5th time you've heard it. She can manage a moon meltdown better than most. Has lived more fantastical lives than a dozen people combined and knows the scientific name for every bird and plant in the province. How/why!? She is proof you can have and be whatever you want in this life, I love this woman and I am not alone. I raise this green smoothie to Cat, you beautiful, magical, wild woman! Here's to the best year yet! xoxo

20130522-142355.jpg For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating THE GOODS or more importantly getting your morning chuckle from Cat's email that goes out with our lunches, I have to share this with you. She is such a gem, I'm pretty damn blessed to call her friend, family and business partner. And her emails just make my day. Amen!
The lovely Carrot Top Smoothie has blended dino kale, carrots, apple and ginger. That ginger is BFF with your digestive system so drink it up quickly so they can be together.The NEW & IMPROVED Bali Bowl features kelp and zucchini noodles, topped with home-grown mung bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, peppers and snow peas. Mix it all up with our sweet Thai Chili Kaffir Lime dressing and a side of long-grain brown rice. Tidy. Ok, so I feel it is my duty to inform the public about the inhuman treatment of baby carrots. They are forced to grow in tight clusters to keep that "cute small" factor. They're taken from their home at an early age and then shoved into bags with only tiny holes to breath from. I'm shocked and appalled and plan to march on their behalf tonight at midnight...who's in? Anyone? But on the bright side, we at The Goods only use adult organic carrots, mostly ex-cons, if you want me to be perfectly honest. They have happily volunteered themselves to your food today as a kind gesture to make up for all the bad they probably did in their troubled youth. Have I taken this a bit too far? Probably. Have a great day.
Enjoy the goodness,
Cat + LL  

Photo Cred Cat I think it goes without saying but Cat's a bona fide cool kid with one hell of a magnetic personality.
If ya didn't already know Cat gave birth to a darling chub of a beautiful baby earlier this year, shortly after she came to me and said she was ready. Ready to feel good, to love herself and to take her body back. She officially became the first of many test monkeys for The Goods.In typical fashion she went full-hog and succeeded in record time. Quickly regaining her lost sense of smell and dropping 33 lbs in under three months. Yeah we've seen her lose weight before, but not like this, her body did more than shed some pounds, her actual shape changed.By cleaning up her diet she cleaned up her body and tossed out the junk (see photo reference). It's been awesome to watch her take control of her life and see her thrive. All the while being a great mom to her little ones, a hot wifey to Kods, a good friend to countless amazing people, a fantastic blogger and a master gardener. Talk about inspiration, it's good to call her my friend. If you want to hear more about Cat's journey with The Goods, drop her a line here.

Photo Cred Lisa The Smoothie Queen did it again, fantastic combo, she hits it every time! Backyard Smoothie, makes 2 for sharing 1 zucchini 1 bunch of organic leaf lettuce 2 Ontario peaches, pitted* 1 organic banana 1/2 cup raw almonds 1 tbsp cinnamon 3 cups filtered water 4 cubes of ice Blend it up and enjoy! *If you forget to take out the pit (Catharine!) it will blend up, but makes for a spitty smoothie.