Quickie pesto recipe, all the main ingredients are in season and it's raw vegan.
2+ cup basil leaves, tightly packed
4 garlic scapes OR 3 cloves garlic, minced
2-1/2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp miso paste
1/2 cup cold pressed olive oil
1 cup pine nutsBlend all the ingredients on high speed, and enjoy!
I lifted the original recipe from my teacher Elaina Love and have made some alterations, I make it at least once a week and have yet to find someone who doesn't say "this is the best pesto I've ever had" after their first bite. It's amazing on veggie noodles so I'd suggest making a double batch if you know what's good for you.

Headed down the 401 this weekend for a visit with the family. My Mum mentioned the Windsor Downtown Farmers' Market had opened the week before, obviously I needed to check it out. And it was good! I'm so happy to see the city taking steps with these types of initiatives. Windsor is in close proximity to some great agricultural towns like Harrow, Leamington, Kingsville just to name a few. It seems crazy that local, organic produce is kind of hard to get your hands on living in the city. I was less than impressed to see Remark Farms selling little to no organic and hardly any local. Their kale was from the USA mid June! But regardless the market had lots of fresh, local goods to chose from. I bought basil, mini cucs, fragrant garlic scrapes and some great natural deodorant from Faerhaven which I'm loving. Everyone was so friendly and ready to chat, it was such a nice way to spend the morning with my gorgeous Mother, I'll be back!

Checked out my first Toronto Underground Market over the weekend, it was an impressive turnout and the Brickworks is a stunning venue. Having just finished my cleanse the day before I wanted to stick to eating easy vegan, so nothing fried or with refined sugar and flour. I started with a booth serving a Korean soba noodle dish with a bit of lime and cilantro. It was good but I wanted more! After roaming through the crowd, there tucked in the back between a long, long line for lobster and another line for pig was Animal Liberation Kitchen, and I hollered hallelujah! They were offering salad rolls in rice paper with a peanut and a chili sauce as well as an aromatic coconut curry soup. I had one of everything. And felt good afterward which speaks to the quality of ingredients. I was so excited to go to a mainstream event and find good food. While I did think everything was delicious, I am disappointed in our city's veg representation. After having been to Vancouver and Seattle on a bit of a raw restaurant tour this past September, both the Grande Jean and I were stunned at how amazing the food options were. I recognize Toronto is a bit late to adapt the whole foods, veg lifestyle so hopefully as the movement gains strength so will the food offerings in the city. Or maybe I just haven't found the hidden gems? A few of our favs in Van were The Naam, Rooted on the Drive, and Nuba on 3rd. As for Seattle they had the best raw over all, with Thrive and Chaco Canyon.

I'm sad to say I missed the entire event! My weekend was packed, I rushed over to the festival after teaching an Intro to Real Foods on Sunday and walked up as everyone was packing up. So disapointing, this is the second year in a row I missed out. Next year I'll be there when the doors open. I heard good things from BlogTO though.

All doneski! Wow what a week and well worth it. I finished my last delightful epson water at 8:30, had a quick organic coffee enema, indulged in the most delicious, perfectly ripened pear of my life... and now I'm raring to go! I must admit this juice fast and liver cleanse was more challenging than the last, though I know there are a host of reasons for that. Last time I was in Bali not Toronto, someone else made all my juices, I was basking in the sun, swimming, getting massages and lounging around with fellow cleaners. While this time I was walking my dogs three times a day, working, buying my groceries, making my juice and spending time with some of my fav people while they ate food I couldn't. I do believe the benefits of this cleanse will far outweigh the last, as I had my first healing crisis. For those of you not familiar with this "phenomenon" it's when you experience symptoms of past dis-ease while detoxing or fasting. In this case it's your body repairing the damage done. They typically happen in reverse order of their appearance in your life. Mine had to do with my stomach, before adopting a raw lifestyle I suffered from tremendous stomach pain and ulcers. Debilitating at times. During this week I was experiencing that old pain, off and on with it peaking last night. It was VERY uncomfortable but I worked through it with my breath and a castor pack. Only time will tell if it was a true healing crisis but I believe it to be so. Now I'm looking forward to my raw gazpacho for lunch, with a side of quinoa! Yeeees.