We’re incredibly proud to partner with Good Foot Delivery – a Toronto courier service employing people with disability. We inherently like to support social enterprise and local business, so we were particularly excited when we learned that Good Foot’s services would make it possible for our food to reach our customers across the city. The Good Foot concept is simple – provide meaningful work for people in our community who might otherwise be overlooked due to a disability. Their vision is this: “Good Foot employees are leading independent and fulfilling lives while redefining their engagement in the community.” Inspiring, no? Every dollar of lunch delivery revenue we receive goes directly to their company. That’s huge! While their service is highly reliable and price competitive, one of the most noteworthy aspects of working with the fine folks at Good Foot in Toronto is their warmth, friendliness and genuine desire to do a good job. It’s important to us to know our food is in good hands when it’s making its way to our customers and it’s evident that the Good Foot messengers share this desire for excellent customer service. It’s awesome to see how proud they are of their work – every visit brightens our day. We first partnered with Good Foot back in 2013 and have been working with many of their team members on a weekly basis since. It’s given us a chance to get to know them better and on several occasions we’ve been lucky enough to meet their friends, wives, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers. The support of their team makes us feel important and incredibly special. What makes Good Foot stand out even more is their focus on the environment; all Good Foot staff travel by foot or public transit across Toronto. They pick up anywhere in the GTA and deliver anywhere in the city – fellow restaurant and business owners, I highly recommend utilizing Good Foot’s services. Finally, we appreciate Good Foot’s transparency – as a registered charity, they note that for every $1,000, $2,360 is generated in social impact through the customers, staff, friends & family of the staff, donors, the government and the environment. So there you have it – a little background on the hard work behind getting the Goods to your door. If you’re inspired by Good Foot’s mission like we are, you can donate to their cause here. And if you’d like to have your lunch delivered by the fabulous team at Good Foot check out our delivery menu here.

I am pleased to announce the Goods is approved by the Darou Wellness Program for the month of July. The integrated team at Darou Wellness not only supports their patients but also local, like-minded businesses in the Toronto wellness community. I have a wonderful history with the founder Dr. Shauna Darou, she was my first naturopathic doctor and a guiding light in the early days of my transition to a plant based diet. I still follow much of her direction years later and I feel honoured that her program has approved the Goods as a healthy business in the city.  If you're looking to take your health to the next level, see a naturopathic doctor. It'll be worth it, they are experts in natural health and wellness.

Saturday's Dundas West Fest closed a 1.7km strip between Lansdowne and Shaw, welcoming pedestrian traffic and allowing businesses to set up shop outside their stores. This year we did something different and threw a community BBQ. Calling on local business friends we created a menu that included craft beer from Blood Brothers Brewing, cold drinks from RI Coffee, artisanal breads from Mattachioni and Tori's Bakeshop, hot sauce from Stasis Preserves and treats from Sweethart Kitchen. It was quite a feast! We prepared layered grilled veggie sandwiches, smothered in our baba ganoush and mustard, grilled pineapple on skewers and our new Carmenta caesar salad. And while all the options were undeniably delicious, what surprised us the most was the overwhelming gratitude and relief when patrons discovered our barbecue was created with unprocessed plant based options and whole ingredients. It's a constant challenge, this real food, small business thing we do. But to see how much things have changed, to see the increasing demand for actually healthy food from a widening group of people, makes us pleased to be part of this shift. It rejuvenates our passion. Thank you for seeking more from your food, your choices make the difference.

  This was a fun interview with Jim the creator of Travel Mammal, it was a single question - What does food mean to you? "Whether we’ve truly made the connection between food and our well being doesn’t matter; what we eat affects us the same regardless of our awareness."  Lisa Labute For my full answer, check out the interview and have a look around the site, there is lots of wonderful content about travel, food, culture and experience.

  The crew at Scotiabank are loading up on the Goods and curious to know what makes ginger shots so powerful. Ginger has been used for more than 2000 years to remedy upset stomachs, nausea, headaches, fatigue and ease digestive troubles. It is such a good cold fighter as it naturally treats many symptoms associated with colds and flus. Ginger soothes sore throats, reduces inflammation and mucus formation, pain and it has a calming effect not only on the stomach but the body as well. Using whole or juiced ginger can raise your internal temperature and keep you warmer during colder months of while cleansing. Concentrated ginger juice is very strong! You only need an ounce or two to get the benefits.