The Goods Delivers

Good Food and The Goods

Hey ya’ll, we launched our brand new website today and we’re pretty proud.

Not only is it a beauty, it’s also going to make it sooo easy for you to order up healthy eats, made just for you, delivered to your desk or doorstep.

Changes to our delivery service: 

1. We’ve done away with minimum order requirements, you can now order lots of food or just a little.

2. We’ve extended our delivery zones, delivery fees will now be $6 daily in the core or $12 daily throughout our extended area.

3. Since 2013, your lunch has been delivered by the reliable couriers at Good Foot Delivery via public transit. Your delivery fee goes entirely to Good Foot and supports employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. This is an environmentally-friendly delivery service helping members of our community gain independence.

Suggestions for minimizing delivery charges – rally your co-workers, place a group order and split the delivery charge between the group. If you’re ordering solo, place one order for two or three days worth of food. We can drop everything off at once and since the Goods is made fresh from scratch you can have lots of clean eats for a few days.

It’s been a trip watching the Goods grow. We’re overwhelmed with gratitude daily and thank you for demanding for real, conscious food options and for supporting local business.

The Goods Delivers

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