Happy 2015

Art Table

My year started with welcoming everyone into the home we built for the Goods. It was a wild time but it felt completely blessed. Through that single entrance at 1255 Dundas countless good vibes flow in and out. Sweeping more and more people into my life with new ideas, perspectives and experiences to exchange, all because there was a space, this place.

I feel I know myself better, I was asked some hard questions and found some unexpectedly obvious answers. I learned an up is always followed by a down, followed by an up so I just go with it. If I need to loud laugh I do since I can’t help it anyway. If I’d rather hangout with myself I will and really good people will come and go, so I enjoy them while I am able.

Right now, in this moment, just hours before my shiny new year is revealed, surrounded by spectacular friends and family I feel like myself. I am happy and above all I am thankful.

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Happy 2015

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