Guess What?

Key To The Good Life

We got a space.

We’re going bananas, we’re soooo excited.

Aiming to open for takeout and pre-order pickup very early 2014, we’ll be found at 1255 Dundas West at Dovercourt, South side. Our current delivery service will continue as usual.

There is now a kilometre long to-do list, so we’re going to take a blogging break. But will be posting lots of photos of THE GOODS’ progress at 1255. It’s sure to be an adventure.

Much more information to come, we thank every gosh-darn one of you for being enthusiastic, encouraging and wonderful.

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Guess What?

3 thoughts on “Guess What?

  1. Of course it’s near the corner of Dovercourt! I couldn’t think of anything more perfect! Congrats you guys! I gotsa feeling that there are some great things about to happen to you! :-) ox

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