Stocking Up


We know the key to eating better is having easy access to good food (and green smoothies on the regular of course). But where to begin!

Here is a starter list of ingredients any healthy whole food eater should have in their pantry. This makes it easy to whip up delicious meals with only having to pickup a few fresh ingredients.

We suggest buying a few items at a time, real food is a bit more expensive but it lasts so don’t fret. And it’s always cheaper than eating out. Keep an eye on competition, health is hot right now and some retailers will try to cash in. Click here for cheap stuff west end, cheap stuff big box, cheap stuff online.

And don’t be overwhelmed, this is a lifestyle change, so replace what’s in your cabinet with good stuff as you run out and in no time you’ll be stocked.

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil
Avocado Oil
Toasted Sesame Oil 

Sugar and Spice
Unpasteurized Honey
Coconut Sugar
Mineral Salt
Black and white pepper
Garlic and onion powder
Organic, non-GMO Tamari (gluten-free soy sauce basically)
Organic, non-GMO Miso (good cheesy alternative)
Nutritional yeast (another cheesy alternative)
Apple Cider Vinegar 
Raw Cacao

Seeds, Nuts and Butters 
Hemp Hearts
Pumpkin Seeds
Almonds (or almond butter)
Tahini (sesame butter)
Cacao butter

Grains and Legumes
Long Grain Brown Rice
Adzuki Beans
Mung Beans 

Stocking Up

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