Hack It Up


I’ve been moping around the apartment, my Vitamix is on loan so no morning Insteada for me, which I usually make with a scoop of Sunwarrior. When a tweet comes in from Alicia thinking I might like to check out this blender hack.

Are you kidding me! I keep my Nan’s 1960’s Oster on the top shelf (mf) because it’s beautiful, the motor runs like a dream, though the canister blade combo doesn’t. My Mom made all my baby food (read 70’s version of smoothies) in this sexy thing, so I’ve got a lot of heart for its shiny chrome finish.

Anyway, I unscrewed the base from the original canister, replaced it with a narrow mouth mason, filled it with my magic potion and I’m happily typing and sipping on my protein packed power drink right now.

Thanks you Alicia! Best share of the year! And great blog post topic on the fly.

Hack It Up

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