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Bunch of Coronation Grapes

Best grapes ever… coronation grapes, very popular in Canada cause they’re Canadian and available only in September. I love them, they remind me of that deep purple grape juice I drank as a kid.

Here is a delicious smoothie recipe that tastes just like grape juice, but with way less sugar and way more good stuff.

Grape Juice Smoothie
Makes 2Ls

2 leaves organic purple kale
1 handful organic spinach OR bok choy
1/4 zucchini
1 organic fuji apple
2 big handfuls coronation grapes
4 cups filtered water
10 drops stevia (optional)

Blend it up, drink it down. Check your teeth.

Side note: If your roomie tells you their mother never let them have grape juice as a kid cause they spilled too much, that probably means they shouldn’t have grape smoothie as an adult. Confirmed.

Don’t Miss Out

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