Romaine’ Around

Kylie For The Goods

The incredibly bright, loveable and organized Kylie was at THE GOODS making smoothies. We mixed and matched leftover ingredients from the week and came up with this beauty of a smoothie today.

Romaine’ Around Smoothie
makes 2Ls

1 head organic romaine lettuce
2 organic bosh pears
4 sprigs curly parsley
1/2 stalk organic celery
1-1/2 lemons, juiced
2 tbsp chia
4 cups filtered water

Blend well on high speed… but not too long, add ice if you like.

Kylie also informed the kitchen that parsley, in high quantities will act as an emmenagogue, which means it stimulates menstruation. So if you’re late, and not knocked up, bring on the parsley. Whether steeped as a tea, or blended into a smoothie or juice it’s rumoured to work like a charm.

Romaine’ Around

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