Fuzzy Peaches

Photo Cred Lisa

It’s peach season! I’m so excited!!

Peaches, when local and in season, are the most delicious fruit on the planet. Move over mango. Plus these are first round peaches, give them another few weeks and oh sweet jesus!

I’ve been all about juices for the last few days, due to the heatwave, so I just squeezed this tasty combo:

Fuzzy Peach Juice 

2 ripe peaches
1 yam OR sweet potato
1/2 cucumber
At least two handfuls of spinach
1 cup of water (if needed)

Wash, chop, blend and strain OR juice

Peaches eaten seasonally have lots of great health and beauty benefits, and with just a touch more sugar than apples. They’re also a great fruit to buy in bulk at the market to slice and freeze OR dehydrate for the winter. If you can manage not to eat them before the cold weather gets here that is.

Sorry, no more talk of winter.

Fuzzy Peaches

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