Things To Think About

most of the time

As mentioned I spent the weekend listening to Dr. Gabriel Cousens discuss the impact of our food choices on everything from diabetes to spiritual progression to food and resource shortages around the globe.

He’s a dedicated man, it’s so motivating to spend time in the presence of someone on their true path in life, especially when they’re 70 and appear to be 50…

Some interesting stats and tips, I don’t have the supporting research as I jotted them down while he spoke, but here is a link to all Dr. Cousens’ books if you want more:

– We need 7 to 8 hours of sleep, 6 doesn’t cut it
– Men who watch 19+ hours of TV a week have a 150% greater chance of getting diabetes
– Tryptophan helps with menopausal hot flashes
– Every acre of organic farmland filters 3,700lb of carbon dioxide from the air
– Fish is more inflammatory than chicken or dairy
– 25-40% raw, plant fat daily is essential to a balanced vegan diet
– Eat chia and flax with coconut oil to double the conversion rate in the body
– Omega3s are essential to heart, brain and eye maintenance

Going to eat an avocado now!


Things To Think About

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