Purty Cat


Today is a very special day, it’s Parker’s 38th birthday. Seems like just yesterday we were standing around the agency lunch table negotiating the terms our first hangout.

I can’t imagine life without Cat, it’d be very dull indeed. I’ve watched her become a wife and shortly after a mother (read shot gun wedding), a homeowner then a mother again. While growing her exceptional family she’s also grown her career and a new business. She maintains a level of personal style I find exhausting. Always has a story to tell, it’s usually too long but entertaining… even if it’s the 5th time you’ve heard it. She can manage a moon meltdown better than most. Has lived more fantastical lives than a dozen people combined and knows the scientific name for every bird and plant in the province. How/why!?

She is proof you can have and be whatever you want in this life, I love this woman and I am not alone.

I raise this green smoothie to Cat, you beautiful, magical, wild woman! Here’s to the best year yet! xoxo

Purty Cat

3 thoughts on “Purty Cat

  1. Hear, hear!!!! One of the most charismatic, beautiful and delightful people in the world. I’m extraordinarily proud to call her my sister and best friend.

    …oh and you can thank our Mother for the plant/bird knowledge thing. She tossed the TV out when we were at an impressionable age so Cat and I used to read the World Book Encyclopedia for kicks. I guess it stuck. :-)

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