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I get asked this a lot “My _________ is in town, they’re veg where can we eat?”

I could list of all the vegetarian, raw or vegan places in the city but really that’s an easy web search. What I like best is an amazing mainstream restaurant that has options for everyone. Inclusive is so in.

Some favs, in no particular order with a few recos

Ursa – Sprouted salad and tofu main with a shrub to sip, outstanding
Hawker Bar – Don’t ask how many Laksa Lemaks I’ve eaten and the Silken Tofu is unreal
Hole In The Wall –  The tostada hits the vegan, soy and gluten free mark in a delicious way
Milagros –  Ensalada costena is raw and do not forget guac, beans and salsa starter OMG
– It might not look it but they’ll whip you up something special without a dirty look
Mavrik – Tacos and starters with vegan and gluten-free options

These are just a few and of course please share any gems you have with us! Enjoy.


Dins With Friends

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