Pick It Up

Sooo how are you doing with the squat challenge… I’m on day 16, a rest day thankfully! I just put on my “squat” song and push through it. Physically I feel so much stronger, it makes such a difference combining fitness with a nutrient rich, full diet. My endurance is better, results are faster, my tush is a touch higher and therefore it keeps me interested.

I was toying with the idea of introducing an arm or tummy challenge for next month…. come on, do it with me! We’ll feel like a million together come the sweaty weather.


4 thoughts on “Pick It Up

  1. Thanks for the song, Lis! Day 13 – 130 squats!! I feel great. Love this challenge!
    Yes, I’ve been looking for an arms/upper body/tummy challenge, inspired by this, and would totally do it with you!

  2. Elena says:

    It’s Day 10 for me! I’m about to dive into 105 squats… What’s great about all this, is it felt easier to do 100 yesterday than it did the first 50! It must be working. I would totally do an upper body/tummy challenge with you – my post preggers body could sure use some help :)

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