Cut It Out

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Here at THE GOODS we love checkin’ in with ourselves. Your body is talking to you all the time, telling you what it needs and doesn’t need, but are you listening… A great way to open lines of communication is by adding and removing foods from your diet. This gives the body some time to adjust, and you can get a feel for how you’re actually processing certain foods.

Typically we suggest a green smoothie a day for 7 days, but if you’ve already been there loved that then it’s time to try eliminating something for 7 days. Suggestions of foods to eliminate one at a time are gluten, dairy, sugar, meat or anything you think you might been consuming unnecessarily or in excess. You often notice the biggest affects when you reintroduce that item so watch closely.

One of my favourite mommy friends just removed gluten from her diet for a week and her darling 6 month old daughter’s eczema cleared up substantially. Pretty crazy eh!

We’re here if you have questions about the 7 day challenge, we love your emails!

Cut It Out

6 thoughts on “Cut It Out

  1. Your post just reminded me of my old convictions, letting my body tell me what’s the matter. It’s so easy to forget to listen in all the commotion of work and play.

    I’d like to cut sugar. It has definitely started to become a regular part of my diet. A couple of years ago I never even owned a bag of sugar, and now I think I have 5 different varieties.

    As a coeliac my diet is a tad bit more restricted than before, and also needing to restrict eggs, lactose, yeast, alcohol and fats has made sugar my “one safe treat”. Makes it a bit more of a challenge to let go of :)

    But thanks for the reminder. I will give my body a chance to speak up again!


    1. Nice! I’m happy my post helped you remember. It’s a challenge, I remind myself too. It’s just so amazing when the lines are open and you feel great!

      And wow, lots of restricts, I must ask… do you drink the green stuff?

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