Class of 2013

photo cred Cat

Well hello there 2013.  Very nice to meet you, I’m sure. What’s that? The Goods are offering their way-cooler-than-cool “Everyday-Go-To-Foods” course?  Is it possible? Have all your dreams come true? Could this be the best way to make your new year’s resolutions come to fruition? Do you need to start focusing on your nutrition? Can we provide you the solution? Shall I stop rhyming every sentence? Yup, probably best.

So sign up already and join the millions* that have experienced our life-changing** course. The time commitment is 2.5 hours and you’ll be fed, you’ll learn some incredibly cool things, you’ll meet some like minded people, and you’ll walk away knowing that you’ve done the hardest part – the commitment to make YOUR life better.

We’re offering the course twice this month:
East end (Leslie & Lakeshore) on Sunday, Jan 13 @ 11am – 1:30pm
West end (Roncesvale) on Sunday, Jan 27 @ 11am – 1:30pm
Cost: $62 (includes lunch)

C’mon, you know you wanna. Drop us a line and register today.

* Numbers slightly exaggerated
** We’ve had nothing but great feedback

Class of 2013

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