All Together Now

All the Girls

Welcome back! It’s sad to see the holidays go but a relief to get back to a routine especially when it comes to food… wow all that holiday food!

If eating better is on this year’s “to do” list think about teaming up with a like-minded friend. The likelihood of keeping at it, is better when you have support and someone is looking to you for the same.

Cat and I do this constantly, we take turns making meals when together and sharing great recipes. It makes it fun and that much easier, plus continually sharing in each others experience keeps momentum up.

This is one of the reasons our lunch delivery works well, when a group of coworkers are eating and enjoying in the experience of healthy food daily, they become that much more aware of what they’re eating and how they’re feeling because they’re doing it together.

Grab a friend and show 2013 what you’re about!



All Together Now

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