Change 2013

Canadian Pennies

We’ve all collected pennies and been amazed at how fast they add up.

Same goes for change in your life, just start collecting. Don’t worry about the ultimate outcome as I promise you have no idea what it can be or even what you want it to be just move forward, start to collect. Change adds up more quickly than you think.People like to talk to me about how I changed careers and have built something new for myself, then they like to read me their list of all the reasons why they can’t do what I did, and how I’m lucky. Weellll I don’t buy that, maybe they can’t do exactly what I’m doing but that’s because it’s for me to do and there is something exactly right for them, for all of you.

Change is addictive, once you start making little changes you get hooked and see how possible it is for big change.Thank you all so much for 2012, for your supportive emails and all the beautiful changes you’ve made this year we’re so proud. Here’s to a big, shiny, really good 2013.

Change 2013

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