Everyone’s Favourite Smoothie

Red Green Smoothie

Just because it’s the weekend and you’re all booked up with social events doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your daily smoothie! You know it makes all the difference, and if you didn’t know it can be one heck of a good hangover helper.

Here is a recipe for The Good’s Red-Green Smoothie, it’s trending in the East end these days, give it a try.

Red-Green Smoothie

2+ cups filtered water
1 handful organic mixed greens
1/4 organic cucumber, peeled
1/4 local red beet OR candied beet
1 organic bosh pear
1 tbsp chia

Blend it well, add some ice if you like and enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone, big love!

Everyone’s Favourite Smoothie

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s Favourite Smoothie

  1. Yum! I had a similar one at Whole Foods recently. I still haven’t invested in a heavy duty mixer…what do you think of Magic Bullet? A friend recommended to me as a smaller less costly idea.

    1. The bullet is okay for fruit smoothies but not leafy greens. You’re probably better off spending the same and buying a standard upright blender from the hardware store. If you can find an Oster they’ll do the job. Just chop everything before blending. Good luck!

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